Monday, November 10, 2008

swap reminder!

Do you want to participate in the "Merry Christmas Children's Book Swap"??! Friday is the last day to sign up, so pop over to this blog to see what it's all about!! At this time of year, it is so much fun to put together a swap box for a child, and in return, your child will also receive a box too!! HOW FUN! I know Andrew loves this type of swap... books and surprises, of course! :) Hope you can sign up!!
PS.. I will be posting my Red and Aqua swap box post ASAP! Just have to load the photos, yay!! My new friend Sara sent me the most FABULOUS box!!! :) AND, an update to the Etsy shop is in the works... keep an eye on my shop in the next few days... Christmas is coming to Mommy Holly!!! xo!

1 comment:

Nikole said...

Lovin the cute picture! What book is that from? Wish they had an owl one! ;)

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