Monday, November 17, 2008

halloween is over???!! :)

Alright, so I am probably the worst person ever about uploading photos off my camera. As you can see, I am just now getting around to posting Halloween pictures. Humor me though, I've got to blog about our Halloween party, along with trick-or-treating!! :)

I run a playgroup for Andrew and a ton of little kids, so I threw a costume party on the 30th for all the kids and parents. It turned out to be so much fun, and it was so festive!! :)
My little "pumpkin patch" cupcakes that I made! :)

Of course I dressed up along with Andrew the "skunk"!! I made his skunk costume which he loved, and I was a "dust bunny"! :)

Mr. Stinky Minky Skunk!!

Then on Halloween night we had our good friend Amanda come out trick-or-treating with us, and it was baby Jake's (or the little dinosaur haha!!) first Halloween! :)

My sister dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood... I was over the costume by then and just donned my bat headband, of which you cannot see in this photo haha!! :)

Andrew and his dad, out trick-or-treating!

Smile!! Getting lots of candy was definitely a wonderful time for my little sugar monster :)

Home at last, a piece of candy already in his mouth haha!! We had a great Halloween and I am glad I finally got to share all the pictures!!! :) xo!


Nikole said...

Yeeeaaahhhh!!! Halloween pictures!! I love the skunk outfit.. LOVE IT! and cute decorations! Two days til Twilight!!.. see you soooonn!!

Salinda said...

I love the skunk costume! Can you post of picture of the back? I like to see how you did the tail.

Amy Bell said...

that skunk cute. so did you think of that???

onlymehere said...

The costume as a dust bunny was too funny. What a fun party to do for the play group! I'm impressed.

mysteryhistorymom said...

What an absolutely fabulous Halloween! Both you and Andrew looked so cute!:) What an amazing party, too! Lori

Cherry's Jubilee said...

How have I missed your blog? LOve it! I adore doing paper crafts as well. I wish I could have joined your christmas swap. cherry

Fleur de Bee said...

Eeek look at all the cuteness! LOVE! ADORABLE Skunk!!! Thanks for sharing you darling gal!


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