Sunday, November 30, 2008

flickr group for snowflakes & sparkles swap!

By now, all of you should have sent your swap boxes and hopefully received them from your partners already!! I created a flickr group so that we all can share our goodies, so please go join and post your swap photos!! I want to thank you all for participating, and I am excited to see what you all sent and received!!
If you are interested in sewing, my next swap will be an apron swap.. I will not be introducing it until after the holidays are over, but stay tuned, it is going to be SO fun! :) xo!


Princess Of Pink said...

Sending mine tomorrow, in plenty of time to get to my partner, lol. Not received, but that is fine, still enough time for that too. Will let ya know when I receive mine.
This has been SO much fun, thanks for putting it together!!

Sara said...

I recieved mine from Gina last week and I love it!!!! I still have to post pics!!!!! I am sending her the swap box by Friday. You did a terrific job picking my swap partner!!!! Thanks Holly!!!! =]

smilemonsters said...

I recieved mine Friday! It was fun to open, just like Christmas. :)


Cottage Rose said...

Hey Holly; I had such a great time making pretties for this swap, I also made a great new friend too. I am so sorry to say that I am late in sending out my box, and I let my partner know too, all is well.
I am so ready to hear about the apron swap.

have a great week.


Kari said...

Hey Holly! Just wanted to touch base with you - I got your email. I'm so sorry Nikole did not receive any of my emails. I'm not sure what's up with that??? I did ship her swap package on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, hopefully she will be getting it any day. I've emailed her again, as well as leaving a post on her blog. Please let me know that you guys get these messages. Thanks and have a great week.


*** Kelly Maria said...

My box is on the way,(out of town for Thanksgiving, that's why the short delay).. I replied to an email from Kristen a week or so ago, but never got a response back as a follow up etc...??? I visited her blog, & know her little one has been sick. I hope my little box will cheer them both up.
Christmas Blessings!~Kelly Maria

Charlene said...

I shipped mine Swap Box off on Saturday & know that Karen did receive it. Mine is in transit & we have agreed to not open either until we both have ours. I had to work a little extra this week on a Pop up job so I did not get your thank you/hostess gift mailed. I have it wrapped & boxed & will see how bad the line at the post office is in the morning. I just wanted to send you something for all the work you did in organizing this whole swap. THANK YOU!

Princess Of Pink said...

Due to illness I could not go to the PO sooner. But it is on it's way right now. Went to the PO Tuesday, so it is on the way to the US of A.

I have not received anything as of yet.

Hugs from Marian

Amanda said...

I received my box of goodies. I blogged it here

Lisa said...

I received my package today loaded with all kinds of fun goodies. Pics are already posted on Flickr. Go have a look.

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