Wednesday, November 19, 2008

cupcakes and "i do's"!

A few weeks ago, a friend of ours from high school got married and I made all the cupcake favors for her wedding. (And am just now posting about it, I know, I know!) But they turned out so cute, I had to share! :)
The wedding was so cute and it was nice to get dressed up and enjoy a fun wedding! And I got to go with my sister, which was super fun!! :)
Me! It was SO hot at the wedding, but I did feel cute haha!!! :)
My sister Mallory... she made that red skirt, it was so cute!!
Christina and Jake, bride and groom!!! (And a baby-boy to be on the way, yay!!!)
Mallory and I snapping photos at the wedding!!! :)
*More random photos coming soon..... in between preparing to send ALL my freaking swap boxes haha. I really know no limit when it comes to swaps, do I????? Ah! But it is so fun, and totally worth it!! :) xo!


Jamie said...

cute dress & cute cupcake favor boxes! :-)

Sara said...

LOVE your boots!!

Adorable cupcakes! That must have taken you a million years to get done!

mysteryhistorymom said...

You did an amazing job- so cute! And you and your sister looked wonderful!:) I love your boots, too! Lori

Oliver's said...

Holly I received an email from my swap buddy but I was never assigned one for myself. I am worried that there is someone out there that will be looking for a package and won't recieve one. Please let me know. Thanks Paula

Jeanne said...

Good morning mommie Holly. What a lovely story of a wedding. The cupcakes are perfect for a celebration.
good job. I love your photos and the boots. You sister looked great in her red skirt. There was a time when I sewed everything I wore. No more, too much work in my old age. Smile.

Nice post.

Hugs, Jeanne

Heather said...

i love the idea of cupcakes favors! what a great thing!

Mindy said...

love the cupcakes! darling idea!

Nerissa said...

These are adorable! What a wonderful thing to do for your friend.

Charlene said...

Love the photo's! Don't you just LOVE weddings I DO!

And I am soooooooo stressing over the Snowflakes & Sparkles Swap. This is my first one & I don't know what all to put in it. How do you know??????? But, having so much fun. Thanks for hosting it. And... I need you to email me because I have a little hostess gift for you.

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