Wednesday, November 12, 2008

omg, red and aqua!

Or should I say OME???! (Oh my Edward! That's for you Twilight fans hehe!!) For the Red and Aqua swap I participated in recently, my fabulous partner Sarah sent me a whole box full of fun goodies!! She is a fellow obsessive Twilight fan, just like me, so we instantly were friends! Above, she made the most perfect book plates for all of my prized Twilight books... sooooo cute!!! :)
Cute little book plates for Andrew also.. he loves swaps just as much as I do!! :) And the cutest strawberry coasters!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this keychain with an old key on it... I think my sister was trying to snag it from me! ;)

Other little goodies... love it ALL!!!! :)

And last but certainly not least, the cutest vintage apron!! And it is reversible! I LOVE aprons, so this made my day!! (Forgive the workout clothes and sunglasses atop my head- Andrew and I were headed out for a walk hehe!!)
I want to thank you Sarah SO much, I love it all!!!! :) PS. Your box is finally on it's way- let me know when you get it!!


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi, It's Robin from The Robin's Nest...
I am leaving this message on everyone's blog that signed up for the Stocking Swap.
This is a reminder that everyone needs to send out their stockings to their partners by next Tuesday November 18th. If you have already sent out your stockings please disregard this message and thank you for being so speedy. :)
If anyone is having any trouble sending out their stockings I need to know TODAY. I am very understanding of the tough times some might be going through but do not want to see anyone left out. That would be very sad.
I do hope you all had fun making or buying things for your partners stocking and that maybe some of you made a new friend along the way~♥
Thank you for helping me make this Stocking Swap a success.

Much Love,

Girl Land said...

Can't wait to see my goodies, and I already know I will love it! ;) xo

mysteryhistorymom said...

What a fun box of goodies, Holly!:) Lori

windycorner said...

Wow! Lucky you, those are the cutest goodies. You're invited to a Great Gift Ideas party at windycorner. Come on over!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Holly; How cute and pretty you are in your lovely apron. What pretty goodies you received in the swap, I love red....

Have a great week.


princessteach said...

Love the Twilight goodies, of course. How fun was all that stuff.

onlymehere said...

I love your treasures that you got!! So fun that she included Andrew too!

Suzanne said...

I LOVE the Twilight goodies! What a great idea!!! I need those for mine! I just lent them out!
Only 8 more days until the movie...*does Happy dance*

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