Thursday, September 23, 2010

47 days...

...until Harry Potter!!!
This series of books and movies has been a huge part of my life for the past decade {has it been that long?!} and I can't wait to watch the last book unfold on the movie screen. Here is the third and final trailer for the movie that comes out in November!

I literally cannot wait.
I wish Andrew was old enough to come with me to see it. :)
He adores Harry just like I do.
{Need I remind you of his costume last year?}
OK, ok, I'll remind you...
z 572
And I just now realized that last year at this time,
I was a totally crappy blogger.
No Halloween photos?
No pictures of Andrew's Halloween party?
I was too busy finishing up my last semester of college.
I'll be posting photos soon of all of that fall goodness very soon.
I feel the need to share. :)

OK, enough procrastination.
I've got about a thousand orders that need to go out today.
I'll just watch the trailer one more time.
{Anyone else as excited as I am??!!}
Happy Thursday, friends!

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