Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today, I..
..worked in the kindergarten class and thanked my lucky stars that I have a well-behaved child. Sometimes I wonder who is parenting these children?

Today, I..
..was wishing for cooler weather. Eighty-five degrees in "fall" is making me sweat. I need some rainclouds, people.

Today, I..

..gave a supreme amount of thought to the topic of Halloween costumes. If I had a ton of patience, I might make myself this. And Alice in Wonderland is topping my list at the moment, too. Andrew's still up in the air.

Today, I..
..took Andrew on a yogurt date after school. He finished his "strive for 25" last night and I promised him a treat. It was delish. :)

Today, I..
..got relatively nothing done on my to-do list. No orders out. No work done. No cleaning up my crazy messy workspace. Tomorrow's another day, I'm telling myself.

Tonight, I..
..am drinking tea and using an inordinate amount of kleenex. I think I've caught the back-to-school cold that's going around. Boo-hoo.

Tonight, I..
..had a heart-to-heart conversation with Andrew while he was in the shower. Being the mother of a boy who doesn't divulge details about his day readily, I accept these moments whole-heartedly when they arrive. He wanted to chat, and I wanted to listen. :)

Tonight, I..
..am getting in my cozy sweats, turning on some yummy new television that I have taped. Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, and Life Unexpected. The perfect night to be under the weather. :)

Tonight, I..
..am wondering what the blog-world was up to today. I wasn't at my computer today and feel like I missed a day chatting with friends. What did today bring for you? :)

And one more thing...
Please? :)

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1 comment:

Jean said...

It looks like you didn't find a tea slave. I thought if you'd had an extra volunteer I could steal them.

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