Tuesday, September 28, 2010

sponsorship for some good.

Blogging is a powerful thing.
Mollie at Wild Olive asked this question of her sponsors:

What keeps you blogging?

This was my answer:
Blogging is my outlet. :) I can share, exhibit, teach, beautify, and befriend through my blog. I can tell stories, share photos, and keep a running online record of my life. And above all, it is my way to keep in contact with like-minded individuals- the community that bloggers have built is amazingly extensive and so beautiful! :)

This question got me thinking.
There is more that I could be doing through his blog.
No, I don't have a huge powerhouse blog.
No, I don't have thousands of followers and readers.
But I can make a difference.
She gave me the idea.
I loved how selfless it was.
And I want to do my part as well.

If you would like to be featured as a sponsor on my blog during the month of October, all of the proceeds will benefit St. Jude's Research Hospital. As a mother, I can only imagine if anything happened to my own child, and I feel that every single penny helps organizations like this. Each penny makes a difference, and together, bloggers can help alleviate even a small amount of pain for these families.

If you are interested in advertising
your blog or shop with me,
please email me at
hollyndevlin {at} gmail {dot} com
I'd love to hear from you. :)

Feel free to Twitter, facebook, blog, etc about this.
Spread the word for me, friends. :)

If you haven't had a chance yet to read about my Homemade Halloween event, read this. I am still open to guest bloggers and giveaway participants! Email me about it for more details. :)

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Tasha said...

You are awesome. What a great idea.

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