Monday, September 20, 2010

clean is happy.

Yesterday was a day to get life back in order.
Cleaning, organizing, sheets washed, you name it.
Andrew was with his dad, so my day was super productive.

So I thought I'd share with you some photos of one of my favorite places in my house.
My bedroom bookcase is stocked with things I love.
Books, photos, decor items, etc...
I like to surround myself with pretty things,
while at the same time keeping things useful for storage and safekeeping.
Aside from my lopsided lampshade, I adore the way it has turned out.
I didn't worry about it being perfect or being super chic, but these are all things I love, that mean something in my life, and that keep me organized as well. The basket on the top shelf contains random little things- extra camera and ipod cords, pens, loose change, little things Andrew gives me, and so on. The jewelry box to the right {from my momma!} houses my most special jewelry and trinkets.

This darling little calendar was a Christmas gift from a friend at a party last year. I love the simplicity of it and am not looking forward to 2011 when I'll have to retire it. :)

I keep my favorite books, magazines and photos on these shelves, along with the random vintage postcard as well. :)

A sign from this lovely lady rounds out another shelf of books {twilight saga alert!} and my sister made me the ceramic bowls I keep some other jewelry tucked away in. I keep things I wear a lot here- my watch, everyday earrings and rings, and I also spy a fab little zippered pouch from this talented girl! :)

A funky vintage vase {which does need a flower or two, I'll admit!} and another of my favorite photos rounds out the shelves. And of course, the Happy Potter books. Love. Love love love. {I am actually just now noticing a small Pokemon sticker on one of my HP books, too. Wonder who is responsible for that??? :) }

And yes, so clean. :)

Happy Monday to you all!!


Christina Dann said...

I love the way you have the books stacked horizontally and vertically. I will definitely be enlisting your help with the playroom/office-in-a-closet project and austin's big boy room :)

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i love this peak into your space that's just for you. you should link it up to life made lovely monday!!

Fleur de Bee said...

Your space is looking amazing Doll! Come do mine next lol! I FINALLY have you linked to my blog again. Only took a year to get organized haha..see, I NEED your help :)


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