Friday, September 24, 2010

follow me friday. :)

First order of business this evening:
Blogger was acting up these past few days and my blog wasn't loading. Anyone been have trouble seeing the main part of my blog? Hopefully I am fixing it, but I am in need of the weekend to make it picture perfect again. So bear with me while thinks look a little wonky around here. :)

Secondly, I thought it would be fun to start a fun blogging event each Friday. I love snapping photos wherever I am, and I especially love taking photos of my shoes & feet wherever I am. Something about where I am walking that captures a nice photo and memory. {Plus, I like my shoes. :) } So the idea is to take a few photos of where you have been each week- keep track of the week via photos. Then post them on Fridays so you can document them!
Link up in the comments if you'd like to play along, and you can even plan on it for next week as well. Maybe soon I'll do some sort of linky-deal, but for now we will keep it simple in the comment section.

Now follow me....

Walking to the Pinkalicious play, decked out in a fluffy lace skirt, black tights and sassy black heels. Totally Mondo-style. :)

I have finally decided to jump back into exercising and eating right. On a walk in my neighborhood. Feels good to be doing the right thing again, instead of eating like crap all the time. :)

A quick trip to Ikea rounds out my week. My mom and I picked up a few good items there today. Gotta love a good deal! :)

What did you do this week? :)
And remember to snap some photos of your own this week and visit again next Friday!
I'll be back on Monday with some fun autumn projects and photos. I've got a kid's Halloween party in the works and I am dying to share some of my ideas and finds with you! Enjoy your weekend, friends!
Now it's off to get some dinner and get ready for Ryan Star tonight!!!
Can you tell I'm excited??? :)

1 comment:

Christina Dann said...

Fun! I'm totally going to do this! Your shoes are fabulous :)

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