Monday, March 1, 2010

my new project.

z 239
A new bathroom to make pretty.
We are moving to a new house very soon!
And my new bathroom has a cute little space where a dormer window is.
This is sparking my decorating imagination.
Can I create a little window seat area?
Remember this post?
I adore window seats and am thinking of creating something similar here in the bathroom.
The window is opposite to the sink and vanity area and on either sides are the closet and bathroom/shower area. It is a fabulous and bright little "dressing room" type bathroom and I can't wait to get started.
Any fun ideas for me?! :)
Happy Birthday to my dad!
Red velvet cake and presents are ready for tonite! :)


Party Box Design said...

ohhh a window seat!!! how lovely!

Christina Dann said...

You guys are moving?!?! When? Where? Give me all the details at Austin's party Saturday (if you guys can make it after Pippi opens!!)

P.S. Happy birthday Mr. Devlin :)

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