Monday, March 8, 2010

point and shoot.

This was my weekend fun!
The objective of a "point and shoot"?
To capture something, anything, from your weekend.
I love this idea.
z 248
So I will give you a little teaser to the birthday party I attended on Saturday. It was a party thrown for the sweet little one-year old of a good friend of ours. (visit her here!) She did an amazing job on this "construction" themed party for her son and you will die at the gorgeous photos and the amazing candy bar table she set up. Christina, you are a Martha-Stewart-in-the-making, my friend! :)

More photos tomorrow...

See more fantastic photographs here on one of my new favorite blogs. Such fun!
Enjoy the week, xo!


Party Box Design said...

ohhhhhh LOVE that party decor!!!! :)

that table set up looks AMAZING!

Christina Dann said...

thanks so much for posting this, Holly!! I can't wait to see the other pictures you got. I don't get to see the photographer's proofs until Sunday!

I can't wait to see that adorable shot of you and Andrew :)

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