Saturday, December 19, 2009

party time! a fabulous & easy holiday craft tutorial!

Yesterday, I threw the Christmas party for all of the kindergartners in Andrew's class and it was quite the hit! I wanted to make it super special for the kids, and I also wanted them to be able to take something home over the holiday break that was exciting to open, as well useful! I came up with these "craft bags"!
z 790
With the help of a couple other moms, we created a big bag of craft supplies for each child. They flipped! Stickers, workbooks, crayons, glue, feathers, homemade play-doh, pom-poms... you name it! It was a great Christmas gift to share with them and one that will be used over and over again I hope. :)

I also made each child a "Rudolph the Reindeer" t-shirt, which is the easiest craft to make, but it's so cute and effective!!
z 792
Want to make your own??
Here's what you'll need!

White Tshirt
Large Round Spongebrush (You can find them at Michael's or JoAnn's!)
Tiny Round Spongebrush (cut half of it off to make an ear shape!)
Brown Fabric Paint
Brown & Red Puff Paint (that are ok for fabrics as well!)
Small Googly Eyes
FabriTac Glue
Small pieces of aluminum foil

Simply place a small square of aluminum foil inside the shirt where you want the reindeer to be. Then squeeze a little brown paint onto another piece of foil and dip the large spongebrush into it and stamp onto the shirt. Then dip the small round spongebrush (cut into an ear shape) into the paint and sponge the ear shape onto the reindeer's head. Lay out to dry for at least a few hours so that the brown paint can fully set. When it's dry, bust out the puff paint and googly eyes to finish up the details! Glue on the googly eyes with the FabriTac glue, and then be creative- use the brown puff paint to give your reindeer some antlers, and a small dot of red paint for the nose. Let dry at least four hours or until the puff paint is completely set. And ho, ho, ho!! Your reindeer is ready for a Christmas night out! :)

z 768
The kiddos were also able to decorate cookies for their holiday treat! I set up one of their tables with a whole buffet of yummy sprinkles, gummy bears, M&M's, frosting tubes, etc! Then they were able to decorate their cookies in small groups and when everyone was finished, they got to eat their handiwork! :)

z 775
Andrew's teacher with his group :)

z 778
Smile! :)

z 795
I think the party turned out fabulous and now we are happy to enjoy a restful two weeks off for the holiday season. Andrew has already broken into his craft bag, so I think it's a success. :)

Hope you are all enjoying a happy and festive holiday season so far!

And PS.
I'm now a college graduate, finally!!!


Sara said...

That is incredible, Miss Holly! How lucky is he to have a mom like you?? What a cool idea for gifts too! Those tables look pretty clean for young school aged kids! Must have got pics before the groups passed through. Logan did something similar the other day with his class, and there was so much frosting on those cookies, and sprinkles on the floor! I felt like we needed to leave the janitors a tip for cleaning up all the mess!

Allikaye's Mama said...

How fun...what a great mama!! And congrats on graduating!! Have a Merry Christmas week!!

Grace said...

Congratulations!! That is so wonderful. Your son is so lucky to have a cool mom like you and his class is lucky also cute t-shirt! Grace

Grace said...

Congratulations!! That is so wonderful. Your son is so lucky to have a cool mom like you and his class is lucky also cute t-shirt! Grace

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