Friday, December 4, 2009

craft tutorial - "feel-good flip book!"

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Andrew's kindergarten teacher had her birthday today and I wanted to involve all the kids in a special handmade surprise for her. Well, I found the cutest idea to make a little book with each page made by one of the kids. It is also a way to keep the costs for teacher gifts down which I thought was especially important this year. I want Andrew and all the other kids to feel good about making something homemade that is also extra special!! This little book sits on top of a desk and the pages flip open... so if you need to brighten your day, all you have to do is peek through the book!

You can find the basic instructions to make the flipbook here, but I tweaked it a bit for our class. This is the perfect craft to make for your child's teacher... it can be for a birthday, the holidays, teacher appreciation, whatever! Andrew's teacher LOVED it and shed a few tears reading through the nice things that the kids wrote and drew for her...

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I printed out the white sheets of paper from my computer and then mounted them onto a heavy cardstock sheet. They are about 8 inches square, so it makes up into a nice size book to sit on a desk.

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Then I sent a note home with one page for each of the kids and kept it a secret from their teacher... they returned their finished creations to me and it was so fabulous to read what each of them wrote!

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Each page is different and reflects that child, which is so special. And of course, I made the front page and jazzed it up so it looks really cute! :) There you go, the perfect gift for that special teacher this holiday season!! xo!

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