Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a new obsession.

Yes, the Razor scooter.
I kept telling Andrew that when we moved into our new house with sidewalks throughout our neighborhood that he could get a scooter. I have been looking and looking each time I go to Walmart or Target and.... no scooters. They never have them- what is that about?! So we were at Jamba Juice yesterday getting smoothies for lunch when I spied Sports Authority a few shops down. I told Andrew that we should check for a scooter there, and they had a TON of them! All different colors, and Andrew was in heaven! He chose the green one- fitting for St. Patrick's Day, right? I took him over to Target to get a helmet (which coincidentally is also green with a super cool snake on it!) and then we headed to the park to learn to ride. And he hasn't gotten off the scooter since!!! It is a new obsession- the scooter goes everywhere with him. In the car, in the backyard, in the front yard, into his room to go to sleep.... :) And he is already getting quite good at it! I'll have to snap some pictures of him riding around on it, it is adorable. I am so glad we bought something that is so very loved!

And in other news, there are some new spring-y things up in the shop! More things will up soon as well- I am working like a crazy person to get lots of crafting done! Pop over to the shop and see if anything strikes your fancy! :)
Have a happy St. Patrick's Day and enjoy something green today!!


Polka Dot Moon said...

Gotta love scooters :)

We have a greenbelt that takes us all the way to school. Most of the time we're either biking it or scooting it!!

Justine said...

omg! I love the new cards in your shop, so bright and cheery. Checked out your sis' shop and she already got a sale! way to go!!!

Cat said...

Gorgeous card!! Over here in London, all the kids ride scooters starting around age 3 (when their new siblings take over the buggy!) and it is so cute. My little one hasn't quite mastered the scooter yet, but I just pull him along on it.

Anonymous said...

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