Thursday, March 12, 2009

bright and happy swap!!

I don't know about you, but this time of the year I am in serious need of some bright and happy things around me! Yummy candles burning, cute pillows tossed on my bed, bright accessories worn, and so on! So I thought I would host a fun swap so we can all get a few new bright and happy things for ourselves! This will be a simple little swap, nothing too major.

You must send a happy candle in a scent that your partner enjoys, one or two cute pieces of jewelry that are bright and in a color your partner likes, and then toss in a few other bright and happy things that you know someone would LOVE... a yummy snack, a cute set of stationary, beautiful soaps, etc! Add in some special things that will bring happiness to anyone's day! These things are meant to be personal items- get to know your partner, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes and send things someone can enjoy on a bleak day when they need something bright to cheer them up!! :) Only bright and fun colors allowed, hehe! Make this swap enjoyable- it is so much fun to send a happy box to someone and then get one in return.

On to signups! If you would like to sign up to send a happy box, email me at with the following questions filled out. I'll email you back a confirmation that I received your info- if you don't hear from me, it means I didn't get your questionnaire, so email me again! I will have signups open until March 27th, so get those emails in! Share the button, post a blog about it, and let's spread some bright and happy cheer at this cloudy and dull time of year!! :)

Email Address:
Blog Address:
Willing to swap internationally?:
Favorite bright and happy colors:
Favorite candle scents:
Favorite kind of jewelry:
Likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc... share something about yourself:

Partners will be sent out the weekend after signups close and you will have until April 17th to send your box out.

And PS.
Please only sign up if you are serious about sending a GREAT box- something your partner will truly enjoy, all wrapped up cute and something that you put time into making nice. Don't just toss things in a box- take the time to make it special :) All of the participants names will go on my blog sidebar, updated with when you send your swap boxes, so no flakers!!! Thanks and can't wait to swap again!! xo!


Lorna said...

I'm having trouble copying the button.

Sara said...

Count me in! I'm down for some happiness and swapping!!

Heidi Ann said...

I am signing up this instant!!!!...LOve You, Mom!

Anonymous said...

I am so there, Holly Girl!

~3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

Count me in!! I need bright and happy!

Princess Of Pink said...

Please count me in too. Just sent you an email :)

Tammigirl said...

What a sweet idea! I am not participating this time for fear of my own flakiness. And also because I did a similar thing once before and got like hard plastic hair clips, ugly as sin dishtowels, and some other weird crap - all from the dollar store.

Come on, I sometimes grab things from a dollar store, but not these things - and never as a gift to some unsuspecting fool.

So, in order not to either:
1. flake out
2. Make everyone who isn't my recipient super-uber-jealous
I'm just saying hi from another SITS girl!

cindy said...

Yes, I'd like to sign up please! :D I just got back from the "happiest place on earth (disney)", I'm ready to spread the joy! LOL.


ps, I've lurked for awhile now, but have not commented.

Anonymous said...

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