Tuesday, August 12, 2008

delish recipe!!

Before I get to the yummy recipe I came across, I should let everyone know that Andrew gets his cast off on MONDAY!!! We are soooo excited, although I will miss the wheelchair at times... it comes in very convenient to hang my purse and shopping bags on hehe! BUT I am glad that these past six weeks have flown by with the help of generous goodie boxes full of coloring books, crafts, activities, and LOTS of books and movies from the library! :) We made it, and Andrew's leg will hopefully be just perfect! Thanks for all your well wishes, I so appreciate it!!

Also, I am onto the third book in the Twilight series... I am LOVING these books, they are incredible. I read about 300 pages just yesterday, it is hard to put it down! I am waiting for the fourth on to come in the mail, so I am trying to take my time with the third one, Eclipse. Crazy, crazy, I am sooo addicted. :) I just thought I should explain why I am barely making it onto my computer the past week!! Anyways, onto the recipe haha....

The other night I decided to try one of the recipes I've stockpiled from VegCooking. I am definitely not super adept in the kitchen, so I do need recipes that are relatively easy and fool-proof... not to mention, something Andrew will eat as well! This definitely fits the bill... it is sooooo super yummy! I left out the green chilies because it makes it really spicy, and Andrew is wayyyy to dramatic to get through a super-spicy meal with a smile on his face... so for his sake, no green chilies. I would have kept them in if it was just me eating the casserole, but it does turn out well either way. If you are a vegetarian, this is a perfect alternative to many "meaty" Mexican dishes.. and soooo darn yummy. The recipe is actually vegan, but if you eat cheese, you can substitute the soy cheese for just regular grated cheese. :) Hope you get a chance to make it, it is so DELISH!

Enchilada Bake
"This recipe is a PETA favorite.

It is easy to make and extremely flavorful

—a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!"

12 oz. vegetarian burger crumbles (I used Smart Ground, but you can use the Morningstar brand also!)

1 packet taco seasoning

2 15.5-oz. cans enchilada sauce

18 corn tortillas

2 15.5-oz. cans pinto beans, drained

2 green onions, chopped

2 cups vegan cheddar cheese, shredded (or regular shredded cheese if you are not vegan!)

1 4.5-oz. can diced green chilies

2 cups Fritos corn chips, finely crushed

• Preheat the oven to 375°F. • In a small bowl, combine the burger crumbles and taco seasoning and set aside.• Spray a 9-inch by 13-inch pan with oil.• In layers, spread a generous amount of enchilada sauce, 6 corn tortillas, 2 cans of pinto beans, a handful of green onion, a third of the shredded “cheese,” half the can of green chilies, lots more enchilada sauce, 6 more tortillas, all the seasoned burger crumbles, another third of the “cheese,” the remaining green chilies, more enchilada sauce, then the final 6 tortillas, more enchilada sauce, and the rest of the “cheese.” Cover in foil and bake for 30 minutes.• Remove the foil, top the entire casserole with the Fritos, and bake for another 15 to 30 minutes or until bubbly and browned.


Polka Dot Moon said...

YUM!!! I'm sooooo hungry now :)
Thanks for sharing!!!

And of course.....Hooray for Andrew!
Can't imagine having a cast on all summer. What a little trooper!!

Cottage Rose said...

I am soooo happy to hear that Andrew is getting his cast off. What a trooper, is he going to keep it?? Hey you should take pictures of the big event, if they let you, and post them. And he gets a big ribbon for bravery from me, well at least in spirit. thank for sharing the wonderful sounding recipe. Have a great week.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for Andrew! He must be extatic! Thanks for the recipe, that sounds so good.

Tonya said...

Yay Andrew!!! That 6 weeks did go by fast!

I can't believe you are already into the third book. I still havn't bought mine yet. Did you like New Moon? I did, but not as much as Twilight, not enough Edward in it LOL

blingqueen.typepad.com said...


I just found your lovely little blog and saw you too are participating in the Halloween Swap! I have never done one before and decided to try it.

My daughter is addicted to Twilight right now too, but I just can't find time to read it.

You can see on my blog what I just went through with them.


Party of 5 said...

Yeah Andrew! I"m sure the first thing he wants to do is jump in the pool!
Glad to hear things healed up well.

Beverly said...

Holly, this sounds delicious. Perhaps I will try it this weekend.

snazz said...

I have been eyeing that book series for awhile. I'm glad to hear a good report. I got your package today and have left you a thank you post on my blog. Cheers,

Jeanne said...

Holly, I am slow to visit too. I wish it was because I was reading your books. Smile. The recipe looks good, I'll try it. You got me at easy and foolproof.

Have a good week, Jeanne

Christine said...

Hey Hot Stuff... So love reading your blog as well! Ahhh I have so much to post and will get to this week. Thank you for your amazing prayers and love!

As far as the books... I can't wait to hear more about them. I do want to ask you what do you think about a 13 yrold reading them??

Totally going to try the recipe... of course you know I'm not a veg or vegan. hehehe... but I love eating healthy and it looks amazing!

YAYYAYYYYAAA for Andrew getting his cast off... fingers crossed for you tomorrow. Can't wait to see pictures of his new leg.... hehe!


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