Wednesday, August 20, 2008

project runway <3 !

Is anyone else watching Project Runway this season?? I watched the first two seasons and then for some reason, skipped the past couple. So this time, I am tuning IN! And I am so glad I did. There are some super-talented people on the show, including my favorite Kenley! She is the cutest thing, and she makes the most amazing clothes.
Here is the garment that helped her win the NYC challenge a few weeks ago.... LOVE it.
And she is just so darn CUTE. Has anyone else noticed her super cute headbands all the time??? Ah, love her! I hope she hangs in there and WINS this season, she so deserves it already!! :)
AND PS. Andrew's cast is OFF! But his muscles are super sore and stiff, so he hasn't walked at all on it. Good thing we've got the wheelchair, and I've been holding him lots haha! The doctor said he should take his time and we should let him walk when he is ready. But at least the cast is done and he is on his way to getting back to normal. AND, he can SWIM! :)


Polka Dot Moon said...

I'm a total Project Runway fan! Looking forward to tonights episode....I liked the gal that was sent home last week :(

I'm sure Andrew will be running around in no time! Swimming will help him regain strength and work out his muscles.

Happy Hump Day!

Amy said...

I love this show! Things have been so crazy here lately I haven't been able to watch the past couple of weeks... but Kenley is my favorite too! She's so fun and seems so genuine. Hope she wins!

Yea for the cast being off!

Jeanne said...

Holly, I haven't watched project runway this season. I have watched it in the past. My sister, the antique dealer, was just in New York upstate, and she met one of the project runway girls, Jennifer, that was just voted off. My sister was selling antiques at one of the big shows and Jennifer was shopping for antiques. She was real nice and friendly too. Small world.

Come on over to my 100th post give-away and you can sign in for a book. I can't believe 100 posts have come and gone.

Take care, Jeanne

Beverly said...

I haven't ever watched this, but it sounds interesting. I'll give it a look.

Good for Andrew - he will be back to himself before you know it.

Christine said...

Man I love Project Runway but because I've been gone I haven't watched this season. ahhhhh That dress is amazing!

Oh CONGRATS Andrew. I can only imagine how sore his leg is... :(

Happy Happy Wendesday, I hope you had an amazing day!

Anonymous said...

She is about ALL I like this season. Im OVER Mr. Tanalicious and all his craziness. I don't think that this season has the same calibur of talent as the past few you? But you are right--she is super cute! Love the headbands!

viv said...

I have started watching project runway and now I am hooked. Btw, Kenley rocks!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I like Kenley too! I also like her laugh - which someone was making fun of on some past episode! And yay for the cast! I would carry him too - work on your muscles! Ha!

Simple Answer said...

Oh shut up! This is on now???? I have to find someone in the States to tape this for me! Do you think they have episodes online? Gotta run, have to check!

Tonya said...

I am a rabid Project Runway fan. This is one of my favorite shows! I love Kenley too, I love her personal style. My 2 oldest girls love it too, especially my 12 year old. She actually has a talent for designing. She makes clothes for her American Girl doll all the time, and not from patterns. She just drapes the fabric right on the doll.

I just finished Breaking Dawn yesterday, and I am depressed. No more Edward and Bella, what am I going to do?!

Elizabeth said...

I love Kenley too! She is so cute and funny and reminds me of Betty Page!
I was so glad when Daniel, with his "exquisite taste level" got the smack down. He should have gone weeks ago!

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