Monday, August 18, 2008

i will NOT revisit brideshead.

I think the title of my blog today says it all.
My mom and I went to see "Brideshead Revisited" yesterday and we were excited to see another pretty British film, which we usually love. Unfortunately, this movie completely BLOWS. It was a creepy house, full of creepy people, and an utterly unimportant story to go along with it. I hated it. the "hour and forty minutes" movie seemed like it was four hours long. I couldn't wait to get out of there and go do something happy with my day. Ugh.
My advice to you??? Skip this awful movie and go see the PANTS! :)
The story of these four super-cute girls will make you smile,
not want to shoot yourself in the foot like Brideshead.

And by the way, Andrew gets his cast off TODAY!!! We've got an appointment to get it off this afternoon and we told Andrew he could wear his swim shorts to the hospital and when we get home he can jump straight in the POOL! Then tonite is the premiere of "The Hills" on MTV which I am super excited about... we are getting a group of girls together to watch it at my friend Amanda's house, can't WAIT! Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend:) xo!


Polka Dot Moon said...

I've seen a few movies that sound just as you described! Thanks for the review.....I will make sure that I miss this one!

Yippee for Andrew!! I'm sure he will have an awesome afternoon swimming and I can't imagine having a cast on for the summer! What a trooper :)

Have a fantastic Monday!!

Heidi Ann said...

HOlly, You know that I couldn't agree more!!!!!....Horrible movie!!!.....Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

i cannot wait for the hills!!! I absolutely love that show!! I watched the drama show last night, & I am so excited to see what happens this season:)

snazz said...

What a highly anticipated swim this must be! Sounds like a happy day all around. Enjoy!

Beverly said...

I can't wait to see Pants, and I'm glad to read that you like it.

Go Andrew! You know that pool water is going to feel so good on his leg. I remember when my son got a cast off of his arm. Stinko!!! But, the first thing he did when we got home was get in the pool.

Christine said...

hehe... You are too funny. That bad yeh?? I totally want to see the PANTs, I promised me daughter we'd see it this weekend.

Well I can't wait to see pictures of Andrew without his cast!


Britt said...

YAY for no more cast!!!

i tricked my hubby into watching the pants number one and he is still mad about it! hehe

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saving me the 10 bucks I would have spent Holly!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Sorry you wasted your $! I've read the book and enjoyed the BHR mini-series from the early 80s, and I knew they couldn't do the story justice in a 2 hour movie.
Traveling Pants looks a lot more fun!

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