Sunday, August 31, 2008

awards and the best headband EVER.

I have lots of catching up to do on the little blog today, as well as around the house!! My etsy shop is getting new items later today, which I will post about when I get the photos taken! Lots of fun Halloween cards and tags, along with some other cute little goodies!! Make sure to check back later today :)

As most of you know, I went shopping with my mom and sister the other night and it was such a fun treat! I needed some new things for school, and I needed new jeans badly. We found some amazing deals and I am so happy with everything I got, especially this super-cute and PERFECT feathered headband from Forever 21!!!!

And the best part???? It was only $4.80!!! WOW! I wore it all day yesterday and got lots of compliments and lots of stares... "Why is that girl wearing feathers on her head?????" :) Well, I love it and I want to make some more along the same lines.

My little Andrew spent all day yesterday with his dad, and they had a sleepover together last night, which allowed me to while away the weekend!! I went to the San Diego Scrapbooking Expo downtown yesterday morning and picked up some super fun goodies to be incorporated into etsy cards and tags! Then I went downtown with my sister and some friends. I hardly ever go out down there anymore, so when I get a chance, it is always fun! We went to the Padres game and then to a funny little bar downtown to catch up with some old friends which was great!!

Moving on.... I received two awards this week and I am so excited to share them with you!

The lovely Denise from Polka Dot Moon awarded me with the "I love your blog!" award which I was so excited about because I LOVE her blog too!! She is such a sweet blog-friend to me and I am so glad I have had the opportunity to get to know her recently... and she has an adorable etsy shop which I LOVE. :) Thanks Denise!!!

And secondly, my fab mom gave my the "Kreativ Blogger" award!!! Thanks, mom- coming from a super-creative girl like you, I feel oh-so-honored!!!! For this award, I have to list six of my favorite things and then nominate some more creative bloggers as well.

Six of my fave things.......
1. Gossip Girl! 2. Feathers! 3. Big fluffy flowers! 4. Sunglasses! 5. Andrew's drawings and coloring:) 6. A super pair of ripped up jeans! (of which I found on my recent shopping trip lol!!!)

I am going to nominate the same few people for both of these awards since creativeness is oozing from all of my super-fun favorite blog friends!!!! Have fun, girls!! :)

Kate from the busy bee
... a new friend who is so creative and has such a cute blog that I love to visit as often as I can!! :) And such a cute etsy shop, too!!

Tracy from Pink Purl
... such a sweet girl who lives in Norway... and boy, can she SEW! What gorgeous things she creates and she inspires me to dust off my sewing machine!! :)

Rachel from Cherry Tree Lane
... one of my favorite blogs and she has SUCH a cute Etsy shop!!! Not to mention, the most adorable little girl ever. :)

Well enjoy the awards girls, your blogs always bring a smile to face!!! :) Now it is off to Michael's to get crafty, enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone xo!


Cottage Rose said...

Hello Holly; Glad you got to have some time for you this weekend. It is good to do that for your self.
Hope you have a great Monday.


Julie said...

You are so Kenley in that headband by the way! Love it!

Christine said...

Holly Holly... you are my hero. hehe. Okay I so need to see a picture with that handband on your head! Super cute... totally loving it. I need to post a picture of my hair and how it looks now to see what you think I should do to make it look better... hehe!

Thinking about you and this shorter week we have upon us. So excited for some of the new shows to watch...hehe.

Coming out your way very soon... finally so we have to get together! have too. hehe!

many blessings this week, huge energy and productivity!!


eRiCa said...

I just bought that headband! I dig it!

yay for awards...your blog totally deserves it.

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