Friday, October 1, 2010

follow me friday.

Follow Me Friday is a day where we can recap our week, and follow where we have been. It is a way to document your "going-ons" for the week in a fun way! My blog serves as a sort of journal to me in some ways, that I can look back on from time to time, and this helps me to see what my weekly life has been like. :) Want to play along? Grab the button above, start documenting your feet to see where you have been.
{For now, link up in the comments, and if I have more than a few people participating, I will create a link tool!}

My week began last Friday downtown with my sister at the Ryan Star concert. Let's get this straight: I do not dress up a lot. So this was a super fun night to toss on a cute outfit and heels and go out! :)

And... this week, for me, was one of bargains!
{Or maybe it was a week of shopping? The hot weather made me do it!}
z 253
Adorable wellie boots found at Target for 6 bucks! SIX! :)

z 254
Yay! I'm ready for any more thunderstorms that the weather would like to toss at me! :)

And Andrew is, too. :)
z 265
I had a successful thrift store trip the other day, as well!
{One that is involving even more rain boots!}
Andrew's got two new pairs as well, for a total price of 5 bucks!

z 264
And PS. You can buy these Hunter boots brand new for $75.00 here. WHAT! I got them for $1.50... even though they are a tad big for Andrew right now, he will easily grow into them in the next few months. And he loves them. Excitement!!! :) I adore deals like this!

z 270
And of course, yesterday, the weather threw us Southern Californians another curve ball in the way of all day thunderstorms and pouring rain. {I loved it.} I had to snap a photo out on my patio of the wet cement... Puddles and rain make me oh-so-happy. :)

Now it's your turn...
what was your week like? :)
Happy Friday, friends!

After today, Andrew is on his week long fall break! YAY! I love year-round school. :)


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i love this idea holly! i'm going to start taking picture of my feet this week. :)

Teresa said...

I'm tempted to join in this next week, but I'm really frightened that my pictures may scare away all your readers. LOL Maybe I'll get up the courage. :)

Jean said...

Love your feet. Can't wait to see more.

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

SUCH a cute idea! Start a will take off! xo

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