Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a new obsession.

My child has a new obsession.

{And let me preface this by saying that Andrew has never been one to play with toys. He gets toys, he likes toys, but he doesn't sit himself down to play with them. Countless Christmas and birthday presents have been tossed out to the goodwill pile because he would rather be in crafting and creating with me than building legos.}
Back to the subject at hand... :)

Andrew is now in love with Bionicles.
I mean, getting a bionicle at the store,
coming directly home,
opening it and putting it together
This is an unprecedented occurrence at our house.
He needs me to play with him all the time,
{which I so do not mind!}
but this breath of fresh air is amazing to me.
Happiness = building his "guys".
I adore this.

And I am so freaking proud of him. :)
{Now let's just hope this obsession continues until Christmas time so I actually know what Santa can bring him!}

1 comment:

Teresa said...

How cute! He's precious Holly. That smile - OH MY. :)

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