Sunday, August 29, 2010

bedroom re-do, part two: day two update!

The bedroom is coming
along swimmingly!

Seriously, it is so cute that I could barely sleep this morning in anticipation of finishing up today! Wait until you see photos. I'll see if I can snap a photo of Andrew's reaction, too {which would be priceless!!! I can't wait!}

Here are a few things I learned yesterday:
1. I should not be trusted with a power drill. Trying to put the curtain rod up was an interesting thing, let me tell you. I broke off part of the drill bit {is that what it's called?! I sound so HGTV!} in the wall and had to improvise. Let's just say that the rod is up. You might not want to look closely at what is going on with the screws, though. It's not pretty. :)
2. Do not, under any circumstances, stick bandaids on the walls. Especially Barbie bandaids. I found a few that Andrew stuck up there {I have no idea why, but he is six. Bandaids end up on the wall sometimes. :) } It took the better part of an hour to pick and scrape and goop them off. Gross.
3. Do not buy a $4 frame from Ikea, no matter how extremely tempting that idea may be. Penny-pincher-Holly decided that I could deal with it {it looks ok in the store} but somehow in the transit home and en route into Andrew's room, it got slightly bent and is now refusing to stay flat. Not cool. So now I must head out sometime today to get another frame. Oh well! :)

The crummy $4 frame is for this adorable poster from Ikea as well, which is seriously the cutest thing. It ties in all the colors in the room perfectly! It even makes the yellow chair seem like it fits, yay!

OK, off to have lots of coffee and white powdered donuts {I deserve them!} and then I am headed for re-do day number two. :)
Wish me luck!

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ReFabulous said...

Ooooh, I can hardly wait! His room was so adorable before, I can't imagine what amazing-ness you've come up with! (Is that even a sentence, with real words?)

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