Monday, August 16, 2010

7 things.

The lovely Megan from A Ruffle in Time passed on these fantastic blog awards to me. I'm so very flattered, yay! Pop over to visit Megan- she has an unbelievably cute blog. I love meeting new blog friends. :)
Picnik collage
Sooo.... Here are seven interesting {or semi-dull, who knows!} things about moi!

1. I think kittens are about the cutest thing in the world. I would keep adopting cat after cat if I could. :)

2. Water scares me. I do not like swimming in the ocean or a lake when I know other things are swimming underneath me. I like pools where I can actually see to the bottom.

3. I bleach my own hair. My naturally-super-dark-brown hair is lightened every 6 weeks by a six-dollar box of highlighting dye from WalMart. I love that I don't have to rely on a salon anymore. And it always turns out just how I want it. :)

4. I have a hard time buying anything for full price unless I can't live without it... or unless it is from Etsy. :) I have become such a bargain shopper these past few years and I love it. I love finding spectacular deals!

5. I love love love Round Table cheese pizza. Like, I could eat it for every meal, every day. Too bad it's not very calorie-friendly. :)

6. Kayaking in San Diego + me = love. {Despite the water fear.}

7. I have an obsession with watching trauma-room-ER-type shows on television. It makes me want to be a nurse even more. :) {Andrew's gotten addicted to them, too haha!}

Now to pass the love along to some other of my favorite bloggers:
Happy Monday, xo! :)


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

thanks for spreading the love! i can't wait to write some random bits about myself :)

i am the same way with bargain shopping. and swimming in lakes. me no likey swimming with fish. yuck!

Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) said...

Thanks for passing along the award...brought a smile to my day!

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