Tuesday, September 8, 2009

for all of us crazy twilight fans...!

When I was reading Breaking Dawn, I couldn't help but wonder what Bella's wedding dress would look like... romantic, turn-of-the-century, lace... well, on In Style's website today, I found some sketches by famous designers wondering the same exact thing!! Here are my favorite takes on Bella's wedding dress. Does this make anyone else freaking-out-excited to see the new movies????!!! November 20th can't come quickly enough, eek!!! (Although the real wedding dress we will have to wait a little longer for, darn!)
monique lhuillier

max azria

lela rose

What dress is your favorite??

I am thinking that Bella's dress will hopefully be a combination of these three gorgeous dresses!

And speaking of fashion, anyone else watching Project Runway this season??? I will pick my faves soon. So far, the only one who has stood out to me is the winner of the first challenge, Christopher, who made that fabulous fluffy black dress! What do you think??

Happy Tuesday, xo! :)


Beth said...

cannot wait to see what it looks like, too! also, you have got to read the 'outlander' series by diana gabaldon, if you haven't already. they are fantastic!

Grace said...

I cant wait!!! Who would have ever though teenagr books and movie would make me happy??? Last book was weird too long but you have to stick to it and finish!!

Laura said...

I am also a crazy twilight fan! I really like the picture of the 2nd dress. Too cute! I can't wait for the New Moon movie!!!

Huskerbabe said...

Hmm, I see her wearing a simple Gunne Sax kind of dress from the 80's. Young, unemcumbered? Just my thoughts

Anonymous said...

Oh that numero uno is gorgeous...totally Bella!! And yeah, Nov. 20th, hurry up and get here, tee hee.

Jamie :)

Perfectly Phillips said...

Found your site through a SISTA site. I loved this article...I too can't wait for Nov. 20th. Will it ever get here? I also have the countdown on my site!!!

PS...I hope it looks like the first one, but i can't see Bella (aka Kristen) in anything with a bow):(

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