Friday, September 25, 2009

ah, tonite!

... Ghost Whisperer is back!!!
Yay, now we get to see J. Love and all her cute outfits and hair again!!! AND it is jumping five years into the future, woo! Can you tell I'm excited?! After a looooonnnnggg week, this weekend is going to be a relaxing one. LOTS of new TV shows to get caught up on from the past week! I love fall. :)
Life is more complete with Grey's Anatomy back as well! Anyone else watch the episode last night?! So sad! And Project Runway, omg! I just love Christopher, he makes the best dresses, right?! Enjoy your TV, everyone! Haha, xo!


Princess Of Pink said...

Hiya, fellow fan here, lol. Here, Jim has just saved Melinda and has regained his memory!! SO now they are REALLY REALLY together again, YAY!! I as so happy lol ♥♥

Hugs from the Netherlands

Grace said...

Ahh that is why last Friday I caught it as little before it was ending and she was married and pregnant I said I do not remember this repeat! Wait didn't Jim Die? ugh I have to try to see that first one now. Thank you!!I will be at the TV watching too cute she is! and last night was so sad!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Grey's made me cry like...hmmm, 6 times I think ;-)

Jamie :)

Teresa Tysinger said...

Watching - and enjoying - Ghost Whisperer right now! I just recently found it on reruns, so I'm a little lost, but agree that her outfits are SUPER CUTE! :)

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