Friday, September 18, 2009

down with the dirt.

That pretty much sums up my week.
I am so sorry I have been so bad at updating my blog this week.
It's just been a bit of a challenging week, still getting used to school for me, along with the huge workload that goes with it. (At least this is the last semester, I keep telling myself. Whew!) And then Andrew caught a bad cough and cold this past week... it is hitting lots of the kindergartners and it kept Andrew out of school for two days, along with making him tired, cranky, and quite unwilling to finish his little pile of homework. One of those weeks, I suppose!
But this photo makes me smile. :)
My sister happened to snap this picture of our little and crazy cat, Max. Apparently, he likes to snooze away the day, snuggled up in the dirt on the back patio. I love that Andrew's gardening shovels are still stuck in the pot as well, haha!

And I have been busily working on many, many Etsy orders. I have been very blessed lately to work with some super sweet people, and I am thankful for the work! And then I got a creative burst of energy yesterday and made some new items for the shop as well! More coming in the next few days, but for now, take a peek. :)
sweet birdie thank you card

funky birdcage thank you card

And with that, I leave you for the weekend, wishing you all a happy and relaxing Saturday and Sunday! :) Now I'm off to watch Project Runway, woo! xo!


Polka Dot Moon said...

Last night Project Runway was great! Love the newspaper challenge :)

Who's your fave this season?

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Holly;;; I hope that Andrew is doing better,, and I adore that photo of Max.. of all places to nap... and I love your thank you cards,, they are so colorful and pretty... have a great weekend.


Fleur de Bee said...

I am in bed with a sore throat from my week of hell and Alexis is coughing...ugg I think you gave it to us LOL! I am just watching my recorded shows and catching up on blogs and saying hello! Have a better week!


Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is feeling better!!!
Your cards are adorable!

sheena said...

eeek! we have been sick is the WORST.

your cards are the cutest!

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