Thursday, July 30, 2009

a place to think.

Yesterday was a day to sort through toys, books, craft projects, clothes, and whatever else was littered around Andrew's room. The start of kindergarten has to coincide with an organization on my part, otherwise I will drive myself crazy! The laundry must be done, everything in it's place, grocery shopping completed... I thrive when I have everything organized, so these last few days before school starts are the time to get everything done. And of course, that includes making a perfect space where Andrew can retreat to.. a clean and organized room, along with a little desk of his own where he can not only finish homework, but where he can create things as well. I had to peruse the internet to find some inspiration photos and wanted to share! :)
The first two photos are from the lovely Martha Stewart. I love the idea of a desk tucked beneath a top bunk bed. The ultimate space saver! And in the top picture, is that upholstered bench chair the absolute cutest?? Andrew has a cute desk from Ikea, but I am now on the hunt for a cute chair for him as well. He's not going to get much work done without somewhere to sit, right? :)

And this is the cutest and happiest desk area ever! I love the bright colors, love how organized it is, and I love how vertical space is used at a maximum! Now I am off with this creative inspiration to finish up on Andrew's desk area. I will be sure to post photos of the finished product!! :) Enjoy your Thursday in the sunshine, xo!

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