Thursday, July 16, 2009

prices, prices.

I'm going to vent for a bit. I went to the mall a few days ago to do Andrew's school shopping while he was golfing with my dad... my mom and I thought we could handle it much better without a five year old constantly asking us when we could leave! :) I was under the impression that nearing the end of summer, I could pick up some great deals on t-shirts and shorts for Andrew to wear in a few weeks when he starts kindergarten. By no means is my child one who cares what he looks like, but as a mom, I would like him to look nice and un-rumpled for his first day of school! :)

But at the mall, in every store we entered, the clothing for a five year old boy was SO EXPENSIVE!!! Even on sale, t-shirts were over $15 and the regular priced ones at Gap were $22!!!! FOR ONE TINY TSHIRT. That my son will grow out of within a few MONTHS. Store after store, we were running into the same problem. I don't know about anyone else, but I am just NOT going to spend that on a growing child's clothing, no matter how cute!

So do you know where we decided to go??? Wal-Mart!!! And we found incredible deals and I was able to get Andrew an entire new wardrobe for under $60! :) Yay, I feel much more frugal and much better in light of the current economy to be saving money but not sacrificing Andrew's cuteness!!!
Anyone else have similar problems?? Where do you find cute clothes for your kiddos?! Off to take Andrew to camp for the morning, xo!


onlymehere said...

We shop off season all the time. I buy summer things on clearance in the late fall and early winter and winter things in the late spring and summer. Kaje' got some really cute hoodies at Hollister for $10.00 a couple of months ago that she can wear this fall but that was unusual for them to be that cheap. I used to dress four for school when they were little and it is atrocious. Back then they wore mostly Walmart or Shopko clothes for school or I made them. Sometimes it's more expensive to make clothes though. Mall shopping is always more expensive though. Old Navy has some pretty great sales too when the clearance stuff. It's saved my life more than once for Christmas, etc.!! Cindy

Polka Dot Moon said...

YIKES! I understand totally! We went shopping and left with not much. Then I received my handy dandy KOHL's discount (30%), got some things already on sale and was able to get some "cool" shirts as he would say for $4.40!! Score!!
Check them out if you have one close by :)

Anonymous said...

I find the best things at Walmart and Target sometimes. Old Navy is fantastic for boys clothes too - when they have a sale it is a sale to remember.

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