Friday, July 17, 2009

raising an issue.

I saw a great bumper sticker the other day about nationalized healthcare. It was comparing Obama's "great universal healthcare reform" to waiting in line at the DMV, which is essentially what his plan will be. Do you really want government rationing your care, your medical records added to the list of what the government knows about you, putting you on a waiting list for care you might need immediately, ultimately deciding who lives and who dies???!!! I usually am not one to stir up a huge controversy here on my blog, and usually like to keep things light-hearted, but this is a HUGE issue that we all need to learn more about. I was reading through some websites and found this great "top ten" reasons article about why nationalized healthcare is NOT A GOOD IDEA. Enlighten yourself!


Our own President Obama, will not be utilizing this "so-called beneficial" universal healthcare for himself and his own family, saying that instead, he would want to get the very best care for himself, his wife and his daughters. WHAT. A. HYPOCRITE. Read more about that here.

1. It is not the right of the government to provide health care. And in national health care systems, all citizens eventually become required to receive check-ups, medicine, and treatment. This can just make it easier for the government to control us through pills and shots full of mind-control sedatives.
2. Quality of care will plummet. With everyone eventually getting treatment, no one will get full attention and people will get pushed to the side.
3. Waiting time will sky-rocket. It is reported that in Canada it takes twice as long to get surgery than it does in America. If someone walks in with a bullet in their leg, they may have to wait several hours for treatment. This long waiting period will cause unnecessary deaths.
4. Canada can only afford National Health Care because of a, “trade surplus,” with America. This makes it impossible for the US to have National Health Care at all.
5. National Health Care eliminates the right of doctor-patient confidentiality.
6. America could only truly afford a National Health Care system through increased taxation. ” “The only way the government can give one American one dollar is to confiscate it first, under intimidation, threats, and coercion, from another American. In other words, for government to do good, it must first do evil. If a private person were to do the things that government does, he would be condemned as a common thief. The only difference is legality, and legality alone is no talisman for moral people. This reasoning explains why socialism is evil. It uses bad means (coercion) to achieve what are seen as good ends (helping people).” This quote also portrays how even more corrupt our government will be with a universal plan.
7. Everyone in the US can already receives trematode through free-clinics, emergency card-care, and community hospitals.
8. National Health care would just add to the amount of money government agencies are wasting to put America in debt.
9. National Health care would destroy hundreds or thousands of jobs because they would eventually eliminate private practices.
10. These are not theories. They are not guesses. All of these reasons are taken from and can be seen in other countries. Universal Health Care does not work.

Still not convinced? Want to read another view on the subject? My mom and I are blogging about the same thing today, go take a peek! :) AND we are headed down to the senators' offices to show support AGAINST this issue this morning. We all need to stand up for what we believe in, and this is a BIG ISSUE! Look up ways to lend a hand about it in your town too, or simply write a letter to your senator. Believe me, if enough people show dissent, we will be working together to show these politicians that America is OUR country and we want what is best for ourselves, along with our children and their futures!!! xo!


Audrey said...

I agree with you 100%. Thank you for verbalizing your opinion.

Suzie Button said...

Hi there! Boy, is it great to read this post of yours! See, I'm a broadcast captioner and I live in Texas, but I caption six days a week Canadian television, and EVERY DAY I write unbelievably terrible stories on their news about their health care system. I had even thought to post myself one of those stories, but I didn't want to unintentionally offend any Canadian bloggers who might come upon my blog. But just last week, for instance, on the news out of Edmonton I captioned a story of a young male adult, in his 20s, who had unexplained violent headaches and was in the hospital for four days and NEVER was given an MRI!! They didn't either have the resource or they are so understaffed on nurses and doctors that they didn't do this test, and he DIED while waiting for an MRI! I mean, an MRI is just a common, everyday procedure here in the U.S. How could someone die like this?! Or how about in Newfoundland and Labrador the HUGE breast cancer scandal where HUNDREDS of women had been told they needed one treatment for their cancers, and it was diagnosed wrong because of faulty inexperienced labs and it was even covered up? One woman had a masectomy and when this all came out they found out she didn't even have breast cancer!! Another one is that the rural areas had their helipad choppers taken out due to cuts and it was THE lifeline for these people in rural towns to be flown quickly to main hospitals! Which equals more deaths. They've had hospitals close down some of their services in the summer because of a lack of physicians and overworked nurses who can't take vacations, so women have had to while in labor be told nope, you have to drive much farther now to have your baby because we don't have the physicians and nurses to cover the needs. I could go on and on, believe me, if people heard these stories firsthand as I do while captioning them, they'd believe and understand what you've posted to be true. It scares me, frankly, to think of what will happen. Ok, I'm finished ranting now! Suzie

amanda said...

you lost me at mind control sedatives....

The truth of the matter is that it will take some time to figure out a perfect system, but that waiting times at hospitals and emergency rooms are already long and dangerous because of the number of uninsured individuals who cannot go anywhere else, even if their problems are minor. We are called to look out for the least of these even if it means living simply so that all may simply live.

amanda said...

you lost me at mind control sedatives....

The truth of the matter is that it will take some time to figure out a perfect system, but that waiting times at hospitals and emergency rooms are already long and dangerous because of the number of uninsured individuals who cannot go anywhere else, even if their problems are minor. We are called to look out for the least of these even if it means living simply so that all may simply live.

cindy said...

One has only to look at the US Postal system to see how the goverment would be running our hospitals and healthcare...I mean seriously. They can't run that, it loses money and has to increase stamp costs all the time, what makes people think that the healthcare system would be any diff? As for taking care of others, as you pointed out, no one is turned away, no one is denied care. There has to be a better way to do this.

Beth said...

wow. thank you for posting that Holly. you have every right to get up on your soapbox and complain about whatever you want to on your blog! I really didnt know those points of view, and it has definately opened up my eyes.
Oh, and how awesome is it that your mom blogs????!!!

Julie said...

I'm with you girl! I have a post on my facebook about the issue. What I don't get is where are we aregoing to come up with the 1 Trillion to pay for it??? You and I both know the answer " taxpayers"! I'm so fired up about all of the "OBAMA" ideas. I have never really been very political...but I am coming out of my political conservative shell to start speaking up! Great Post!!! Let us know what your senator says!

*jimaie.marie* said...

I LOVE you for this post!!!!!

Kyla Roma said...

Hm. I think this is a matter of perspective, but a few points from someone who lives in Canada and has experienced national health care for all her life. My family are dual citizens and some live in the US so I also have a lot of experience with the US health care system, for what it's worth.

There is so much fear in the points that you raise here, it's a little alarming for me to read - I respect your opinion and your feelings on this, but I... I obviously don't understand. National health is not socialism, it's about providing access to care. There are ways to handle the data and confidentiality and all of these concerns constructively, but these are in no way inevitable outcomes of the system.

My mother in law and I were talking about this the other day- in Canada, you might die waiting for care if you're very sick. In the US, you might die because you can't afford care. And in the US, you might also lose your home and bankrupt yourself or your family in the process. I would rather receive high quality day to day care in Canada than be afraid of being hurt all the time in the US.

Girl Land said...

Yes, your blog, your world, but like Kyla Roma, I felt it was quite alarming to read how you view the proposed changes.

This is a very good summary coming from the horse's mouth.

Glad Kyla posted as a Canadian resident as I have always heard their system was great.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Unreal. Well, I am not surprised, Sweets. I am praying, praying, praying... Love ya, Cutie! Lori

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