Monday, July 20, 2009

coughs and kleenex.

Oh, and lots of tea. Andrew and I are both sick with a bad cough and cold, so I have been and will continue to be MIA from the blog and etsy shop. Instead of being productive, I am watching movies, napping, and tea-drinking with the little one. Kindergarten starts in two weeks, so we've got to rest up while we can! Hope to see you back here soon, xo!
There will be a fabulous giveaway on my blog sometime this week.. keep a lookout! :)
(Cute teacup photo courtesy of right here.)


Holly said...

Hope y'all feel better soon. I'm starting to come down with a little cold as well.

Polka Dot Moon said...

Yuck.....nothing worse than a summer cold! Feel better!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please feel better soon!!!! If I was there, I would totally bring over some soup for you!

Trish said...

Chicken noodle soup! Our moms and grandmas are right! There is something magical about HOMEMADE chicken noodle soup!! I'd send ya some if I could figure out how to keep it fresh. :)

Feel better soon you two!

Anonymous said...

I hope you two feel better soon & two weeks till school, guys start early! I don't think we go back until after labor day...although we didn't get out until mid June so it's all relative. I can't believe the summer is flying by so fast though to even start thinking of school, ugh.

Jamie :)

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