Friday, May 22, 2009

say it with a print.

print from erinjaneshop

I love Etsy.
And I love all of the artists who call Etsy home. I have been especially interested in the beautiful prints that I have found lately and wanted to share a few with you. I think a little framed print is such a beautiful gift for a friend, and so original.

print from dazeychic

print from dazeychic

print from heidiburton

What are your favorite print shops on Etsy?
Any favorite prints?
Hope you all have a fantastic and safe holiday weekend! :) xo!
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MAXimum MESS said...

Those are all great prints. I'm a big fan of the black apple and of some of the elsiecake prints. The top one you have listed is great. I really love all the colors.

Princess Of Pink said...

Love all of them :) I don't know about Etsy but I saw a great one yesterday in a store in the next town. Translated in English it said:

"Today is my all time favorite day"

Something to remember and live by too.

Amy said...

LOVE those!! Great gift idea, you're right!

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