Tuesday, May 26, 2009

oh, fabric.

I have been on the hunt for some cute new fabrics to add to my ever-growing collection. (Like I really need more????!!) But I wanted to share a fabulous Etsy shop with fabrics that I usually can't find anywhere else! These 30's reproduction fabrics are quite possibly the cutest things everrrrr. Go check out rainbowfabrics and see what she carries in her shop!
A few days ago, my sister started whipping up the cutest skirts for herself and I got her to make me one as well!! I will have to take photos, because you all will never believe what she does without a pattern! I keep telling her to sign up for Project Runway, because she makes some incredible things!! :) Wouldn't any of these fabrics make the most adorable skirts?!
In LOVE with this vogue pattern fabric... do you think I might need some?! :)

What are you favorite Etsy shops or websites for fabric?? Any new fabric lines you love?! I am always on the lookout for cute, imaginative prints, so any suggestions would be more than welcome! Hope you are all enjoying a fabulous Tuesday... now I am off to finish my coffee and then get down to crafting. My poor Etsy shop needs some attention! New items WILL be up at the end of the day!! :) xo!


My 300th post is rapidly approaching, and I want to host a few giveaways. If you are interested in being featured on my blog for a giveaway, email me at hollyndevlin@gmail.com - I will be figuring out a giveaway schedule and I'll choose some fabulous handmade treats to feature!! :) Thanks so much! xo!


Princess Of Pink said...

YES!! You sure need some more fabric, and so do I, lol. ADORE the last one that would look adorable with a flirty skirt ;0

Polka Dot Moon said...

OoooooOOhhhhh! What FUN fabrics! Can't wait to see what your talented family comes up with next! Pictures please of your skirt :)

I MISS Project Runway!!!! Why didn't they just leave it on BRAVO??????


(I'll donate a giveaway)

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Holly; OH my what fun looking fabric. And all the things you can make with them... so so many. and a cute skirt would look pretty. Have fun with them, and congrats on your 300 post.


Haus of Girls said...

Hey Holly!
I would love to see your fabric collection :) So jealous. Can't wait to learn to sew! I would love to donate a Monogrammed Bucket for a giveaway on your blog if you would like! Just let me know! I just had one on my blog and am getting ready to pick a winner today. www.HausofGirls.net Let me know! Thanks! Marta

Anonymous said...

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