Saturday, May 2, 2009

i know where all the GOOD suits have been hiding.

I have been on a hunt for super cute bathing suits. We are headed to Palm Springs for a vacation at the beginning of June and I'd like to look cute! But what is with bathing suits looking so lame lately?? Well, I figured out where the cute bathing suits are being stashed and sold for obscene amounts of money. My favorite shop of course, Anthropologie!
Amazing bikini bottoms!! Only $88. Wow. Cheap. Sooo affordable. Wait- who can afford to spend that on only half of the suit???!!!

Gorgeous little beach number! Only $258! Ah!

My personal fave at a reasonable $178...!!!

OK, looks like my trusty Anthropologie isn't going o cut it for my swimwear this season. Anyone have any fave places to shop for cute suits that aren't super expensive???! :)

*I did find a cute suit on sale at Victoria's Secret, by the way. They have great sale swimwear- take a peek!!
Have a great weekend, xo!


Julie said...

I like the one in the last picture. I love the colors. Have a wonderful Day...Julie

Polka Dot Moon said...

Where's the cute little suit you found with the polka dots :)

I love the ruffles on the second one! Very cute!

MAXimum MESS said...

I AM DYING! That black and white suit is sooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Darling suits, Holly, but you would look cute in a potato sack!

I have to get a new suit too -- I can't believe how expensive they are -- ridiculous.

Jessica said...

I love the last bathing suit sooo much! Not too sure it would fit my nursing ta-ta's but it's super cute!

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