Thursday, October 2, 2008

race for the cure!

One year ago, my aunt was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. It was an overwhelming situation and we were all so scared for her. Today, only one short year later, she is cancer free and in remission, which we all thank God every day for!!! So in doing my part to give back to the amazing research and advancements that saved her life, I am participating in the San Diego Race for the Cure this November. I am so excited about it, and am asking anyone that can help to donate a few dollars to the cause. You can visit my personal page here and donate, or see what the race entails. I am so looking forward to raising awareness for this cause, and I am walking this November for my Aunt Jackie!!! :) Thank you in advance for any donations, I SO appreciate it!


Sherry said...

I found you through Lori...just wanted to say that as a 3 year and counting breast cancer survivor I am so pleased for your aunt and I'm always pleased when other women take up the cause and do what they can to fight this disease. You are a blessing!

Patricia said...

Yes, a very important cause and a lovely Pink post. Please have a lovely new week.

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