Friday, September 26, 2008

friday faves!

I first have to apologize to all my lovely blogger friends.. I have been such a crap-o blogger this week!! I don't know what happened to me, but I am going to stop slacking on my poor little blog. :) OK... Now onto some of my fantastic finds this week....

Ribbon!! Ribbon!! Ribbon!!! And not just any ribbon.... it's Martha Stewart ribbon, for 99 cents, eek!! Which of course makes so much of a difference in my life since I am borderline obsessed with Ms. Stewart. :) My mom and I were watching one of her shows that we had taped the other evening, and Martha announced that all her crafting supplies at Michael's were going to be 30% off for the week! Ummmmmm, we were at Michael's bright and early the next morning, obviously. In addition to finding 99 cent ribbon (the really, really cute ones!!!!), all of the MS stuff was on sale, in addition to like, EVERYTHING else in the store. Omg, I freaked out and we went hog-wild buying crafting supplies. Ohhhh it was great. And Andrew, my little crafter-in-training and sticker aficionado, was so super happy to find out that the stickers were two for the price of one! He bought a bunch and has been happily sticker-ing for the past few days. Oh the joy that Michaels' can bring to me and my family. *sigh*! ;)

Another sale, another freak out for me. Flannel, on sale for $2.79 a yard at JoAnn's yesterday! AH, and the good JoAnn's that we drive half hour to get to has soooo many cute flannel prints. I bought an owl print that was too cute to pass up! Andrew flipped at a lizard print, a Wall-E flannel, among many others, and we bought him yard upon yard to make raggedy quilts. My sewing machine and I have a date this weekend. It's going to get serious. :)

And one more fantastic and fabulous foot find for the week. Yes, I am one of the weirdos in the bright colored Crocs. That's me. I've got the bright green ones. And the blue. And I really want a few more pairs.....And I know most people think they are freaky and ugly and ridiculous, but me and my feet have to disagree. They are amazing, cute, and best of all, keep me completely comfortable while I stand for three hours straight, dissecting human beings. Nurses wear them, and since I will one day be a nurse as well, I will get used to them now and I will love them. :) Yay for Crocs, don't hate them until you have experienced their wonderfulness!!! Go buy a pair! :)

OK, that's it for the fantastic Friday finds this week... go sign up for my swap now, it is going to be ridiculously FUN! :) xo!


Polka Dot Moon said...

I need to go check out Michaels!! And I too love Crocs ;)

snazz said...

I share your love of ribbons. I may have to scurry to Michael's as well.
I have, so far, resisted the crocs but my kids adore theirs. From a parents perspective they are the perfect shoe. They can get wet, they are well ventilated, easy to put on and... SUPER FUN!

mysteryhistorymom said...

I wish we had a Michael's near us!! I would have gone crazy, too! Crocs are so fun! My Mom is trying to find the "butter" colored ones, but is having no luck... We went shopping for your little cutie today! I hope we made the right choices.... I want him to love his package!

I really want to join your swap, but I need to finish some other ones first... I will see how it goes and e-mail you if I can join the fun. (Oh, I hope so!!) Love the theme!! Lori

Cottage Rose said...

What great bargains you found. I might have to take a trip to Michael s this weekend. I love great sales.

have a fun time with your sewing.


bv said...

So I finally got all of your info for the Stocking swap...probably should have checked Robin's blog long ago. The hint about the spam folder saved the day!!!

I checked out Bethany Lowe's designs since you mentioned it in your info for the swap and I'm so excited! I now have a much more clear idea of your taste and I totally love it (your taste and the fact that I get it!)

What's the swap that you have going on???

PS Raggedy quilts are the best!! My daughter has been attached to hers for all five years of her life!!!

Just me.....Shelly said...

yum yum---can never ever have too much ribbon (or fabric for that matter!)--enjoy your weekend!

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