Friday, September 19, 2008

fantastic finds friday! (& a winner!!)

I keep wanting to post about things I have found lately that I love! So I am going to start a weekly post about "Fantastic Finds" each Friday that I will share with you!! Yay, fun!!! :)

My first fantastic find for the week are these adorable "lunch box pebbles" from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Little Bit Funky. Even though Andrew isn't in school yet, I think the idea of these is just the cutest thing... leave a little "message" in your child's lunchbox so they can find it later in the day and think of you... ah, so sweet! Crystal of Little Bit Funky has made all different ones, and I just love them- I think you could use them for a million different things too, even if it is just to set on your desk! Anyways, fantastic and fabulous find!! Go peek at her shop- so cute!
Another amazing little find... these $3.50 tank tops from Forever 21! I am not sure how they can sell them for so cheap, but I am sooo not complaining- I got this same tank top in quite a few colors and LOVE them. Just remember to hang dry! :)
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a big part of our life at the moment. After seeing the movie during the summer, Andrew immediately went to Target and found the "ninja" aisle, which we have to visit each time we go there! I love them because they are like "Barbies" for boys.. they have their little accessories and their cars and outfits, and they keep Andrew entertained for hours. (Granted, the accessories are guns and knives, rather than shoes and purses, but I'll look past that haha!) So if you have a son, these are quite the find! :)

And my last fantastic find for the week is my new favorite snack- Luna bars! Oh my gosh, yum. I take these to school with me so I can get through the day without being hungry, and they are soooo good. I will admit, I bought them at first because they were on sale and way cheaper than Odwalla bars, which I usually buy. But they are WAY better, and designed for women! And best of all, they are vegan, no animal by-products, woo! :)

So I hope you loved my fanstastic finds of the week, and I will post more next Friday!! NOW, onto the winner to my little Halloween card giveaway....

Andrew was my helper this morning, and more than happy to help!
Oh yeah, and Barbie wanted to help as well. ;)
The winner is.... Justine!!

Yay, Justine is my new blog-friend and she is so super sweet. Glad you won, girlie! :) Email me your address (hollyndevlin [at] gmail dot com) and I will send off your goodies!!!

And PS. I am adding new things into my shop today, so go take a peek!!!


Just me.....Shelly said...

Oh, i love Luna fav is the lemon zest and the peanut butter chocolate something or other--yumyum!!

happy weekend!

Polka Dot Moon said... Luna Bars! I love the all ;0)

Oh boy do I remember the "TMT's", then came "Transformers", now it's all about "Star Wars" and "The Clone Wars" and all things Lego (which I love!!). Can't wait to see what my little miss is going to be into!

Congrats Justine!!

Happy Friday Holly!

Justine said...

Yay! Thanks for letting me know!!! Those tanks are awesome and so cheap... and yes I love those pebbles. I'm still thinking of what I want mine to say before I order some.

Have a great day!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Holly. I guess you did find some great buys. They are all very nice. Love the tank tops, and what a great price tag. My son who is now going to be 28 soon loved the turtles, my grandson loves them too, just like his daddy. Have a great weekend.


ReFabulous said...

Luna Bars! (The one you have pictured is my FAVE!) And what a fantastic score on those tanks....
Great finds! :)

Angela Harris said...

Hey Holly! Love these cards and your etsy shop. I just recieved the tags from your shop yesterday and they are really COOL!

Beverly said...

Congratulations to the winner. Good job, Andrew.

I love Luna bars, too.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh darn...I missed your giveaway! But cute cards! You are so talented! And I am loving that tank! Going there now!! Thanks, girl!



Great Halloween stuff you made!
~ Gabriela ~

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