Friday, June 20, 2008

pink saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday everyone!! This week, I am relying once again on the wonderful photos of {this is glamorous} which make me swoon!! We are heading out for a Saturday full of shopping with the girls, so I thought a post with shoes would be oh-so-appropriate. My mom, sister, aunt, cousin and I are all going up to Irvine to go shopping and we can't wait! I rarely go shopping, so this will be such a treat. Enjoy the shoes and I can't wait to see everyone's pink posts! Remember to leave me a comment if you want to join our vacation post day on June 26th! Just click the vacation button over to the left..! :)

And PS. I am on to my 6th book for the summer.... lots of girly books and they are all great! I finished three books by Whitney Lyles which were all great. Now onto Jane Green's Swapping Lives, which, coincidentally is pink!!! ;)


Beverly said...

Holly, I always know that you are going to have something fun for Pink Saturday.

Those shoes are gorgeous. Oh, how I wish I could still wear shoes like that.

I'll check out your reads - I'm always in the market for a good read.

Have fun shopping.

Dawn said...

Those are some fancy looking shoes. (I'm a sneaker girl...clumsy all the way!). Have a wonderful time on your shopping spree and enjoy the day with your family!

take care,

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Holly, Stunning shoes! ;)

Count me in on the Dream Vacation Post....(

Hope you have a great shopping trip!


Deb said...

Great pink shoes!

Heidi Ann said...

Dear Holly, Love your "pink post" today!...Let's go see if we can find those shoes!...LOve, Mom

marianne said...

Those shoes are some kind of snazzy! I'm a sneaker gal like Dawn and would fall off of them in a heartbeat now! I like your pink goodies. :)

Happy shopping!

Britt said...

i have love for those shoes as well, but like my mom i have no grace, and even if i did i would not have anything to wear with them, unless t-shirts with spit up stains are fashionable these days.

Vanessa Greenway said...

Love those shoes!!! Have a great weekend! Vanessa

Connie said...

Legs like that!!!!!!! Oh, don't I wish!! Hi, little sweetpea, have a fun day shoppppppping!

melissa said...

Pink shoes are a favorite thing for me!! :)
Hope you have a great day of shopping!



Happy Pink Saturday,

Love your pinks, great choices!

~ Gabriela ~

Tracy said...

Hi! Thanks so much for visiting me! Such a treat to find your beautiful, beautiful blog! And not least see this super, sexy pink post! Am sure you had a grand time with the girls. ;o) Really enjoyed your Tinsel Trading post...That place looks like pretties heaven...*SIGH* I look forward to visiting again! :o) Happy Summer Days!

suesue said...

thanks so much for leaving a comment on my new blog. hope you have so much fun shopping.
p.s. tinsel trading is one of my favorite places--wish
i could just pop in there too! i love it all.

My Arts Desire said...

Holly, Thanks for stopping by. The pink shoes are too fun. Hope your shopping trip was memorable! Loved your post on The Tinsel Trading Company. Have a trip planned to New York later this summer. I know one place I'm going to visit for sure!!

Party of 5 said...

Hi Holly!
Love the 'pinks'! I'm pretty sure I could never pull off the shoes....they really don't go with my usual outfit of jean shorts and a tank top!!!!!
talk soon! c

Marina Capano said...

Hi! What nice shoes!I love pink!warm regards

Jan & Tom's Place said...

Beautiful shoes, Holly - thanks for stopping by on PINK Saturday and leaving your comments about my PINK rings!!


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