Monday, June 2, 2008

i see red!

I happened to come across the cutest blog idea this evening at my mom's suggestion... post something red each day this week, hosted by Sadie Olive! I thought it would be a fun thing to participate in this week, so I will be posting fun little "red" things each day, along with my normal blogs. Check out her blog, too, it is fabulous! If you want to play along, click the "I See Red" picture on the left side of my blog.

So what immediately comes to mind to me when i think of red?? (A color which I must admit, is not my absolute favorite.) Dorothy and her ruby slippers, of course! Ok, ok.... lame choice for my first red post??? Probably. But.. I always wanted those shoes when I was little and I still do to this day. So put up with my crappy post this evening and I'll make up for it tomorrow! I have been so tired today, dealing with a four year old who refuses to take naps anymore, so this is short and sweet tonite. Sweet dreams!

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