Wednesday, June 11, 2008

let's go on vacation!

I have to admit, I am jealous of anyone taking a vacation this summer. With gas and vacation spots being at such a high price, combined with funds being low for us, the reality is that we will be enjoying our pool in the backyard quite a lot this summer. :) However, that doesn't stop me from imagining where I would go if I was able to... and that is where I had an idea! We should all share our ideal vacation with each other.... the perfect destination, pictures of relaxing places to spend the summer, etc, etc, etc! I hope you all will want to "go on vacation" with me. As dream-like as it may seem, it actually makes me feel good planning a trip I'll never go on... so let's get to planning!

Here are the guidelines...
I am going to host this "vacation" along with my mom. If you would like to play along, leave me or my mom a comment on any of our blogs letting us know you want to join us, making sure you give us your blog address as well. I will compile a list of everyone playing and on June 26th, we will all post our ideal vacation. Whether it is a small and simple trip, or a lavish and seriously unreal vacation, that is up to YOU! It is YOUR dream vacation for this summer, so plan as much as you want! We will want to see pictures of where you are choosing to "go" and we can all travel vicariously through each other. I will start a blogroll of everyone playing here on my blog, and on the day of, we will see how many make-believe vacations we can go on!!! I hope you will participate, and this gives us a chance to get to know many more bloggers as well. So if you are reading this blog, leave me a comment and play along with us!!

I have made a button you can puton your blogs to show you are playing the vacation game.
If you want the cute picture like I have on the left of my blog, let me know and I will email you the code! I would love all of you to post the button if you are participating, that way others know how to join up as well!! :)
The reason I don't have the the code on here is because blogger won't let me write the html code in without making it a picture haha :)

Tell your friends, share with others, spread the news, and let's go on vacation!!! :)
Yay, here is an ongoing list of the participants:
2. Alicia from Butterfly*Gems
3. Cecilia from Nifty
5. Tonya from PuddinPop
7. Rachel from Cherry Tree Lane
8. BJ from Sweet Nothings
9. Jeanne from Backyard Neighbor
10. Mya from Creative Musings
14. Cole from My Menagerie
15. Kari and Kijsa from Ask Kari and Kijsa
16. Beverly from How Sweet the Sound
17. Molly from Molly B.'s
18. Rhonda from Scooterblu's Whimsy
19. Shaybert from thirtyandholding
20. Joanna at Sweet Finds
21. Brittainy at The Litany of Brittainy
22. Melissa at The Inspired Room
25. Jill at Bailiwick Designs
26. Schotzy at Wings of Eagles


Butterfly*Gems said...

I will Definetly need a Vacation after next week LOL We are traveling to Disney with my 5 kiddos plus my in laws and borthers and sisterinlaws "Pray for me!" LOL so the Timing is PERFECT! Count me in! Have a Great night ALicia

Cecilia said...

I want to be in this! This is a great idea!:-)

MadrinDesigns/Madrin Photography said...

Fab idea! Count me in!

wendymiracle said...

i want to go on vacation too!! :)

Cherry Tree Lane said...

I am in! I already know where I am going!! SIGN ME UP!!!

Party of 5 said...

What a great idea Holly! I will be gone at the lake on the 26th (no internet up there) but will check back to see the dream vacations!!!

Beverly said...

Good morning, Holly. This sounds so interesting, and I promise to come back and learn more about it this weekend.

I just wanted to check in to see if you are still planning to partcipate in Pink Saturday.

bj said...

I would just LOVE to plan a vacation so please count me in...
my email is so if you would pls send the code, I will post the button on my sidebar.
This is gonna be so fun and I know JUST THE PLACE I am going and taking you all with me!!!!!
hugs, bj

Jeanne said...

Hello Mommy Holly, Love your blog name. I left an acceptance I think, on your mom's blog. Anyway I would love to Play vacation dream. Count me in.


Mya said...

I would love to take a dream vacation with you all. Please add me to the list. See you on the

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Mommy Holly,
Count me in on the vacation posts. My blog is
Thanks for visiting me on Pink Saturday!

snazz said...

My virtual bag is packed. Sign me up!

bj said...

Please sign me bag is packed, I have all my stops along the way planned and i am raring to GO....I hope you will come along with me, too!!
I have your button posted on my sidebar and can't wait for the's gonna be so fun
hugs, bj

Cole said...

I've had my bags packed for a vacation for hmmmm about four years. COUNT ME IN! This sounds like way to much fun to miss out...Now which dream vacation to share????

Kari & Kijsa said...

What fun! Count us in!!

kari & kijsa

molly said...

I would love a REAL vacation- but not this year, So I will make believe along with all of you!! Sign me up!

shaybert said...

Sign me up! I'll be joining in! Blessings, Shay

Joanna said...

I'd love to play along. Please add me to the list. thanks! xoxo, Joanna

Beverly said...

Holly, will you please e-mail the code for the button?


Britt said...

i know i'm late, but i totally need a vacation!!! may i have the code too?

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Such a great idea. I am almost embarrassed to admit that I go on an imaginary vacation every Friday on my blog. Am I weird? I call them "sweet escapes," sometimes they are not really a vacation but just a dreamy place. Either way, they are an escape for me. Put me down, dear, I'd love to share my sweet escape for the day.

PS. I'm asking for ideas on something on my blog, so come on by and see if you might have one around your house to share!

Happy week!

Jan & Tom's Place said...

I'd love to go on VACATION!!


Schotzy said...

Yippee! I want to go on vacation too!Here is my url
Thanks for the opportunity!

Fifi Flowers said...

I would love to post a vacation... but I couldn't possibly put it all together by tomorrow... bummer... I will have to pop in to everyone's travel journey!

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