Saturday, June 14, 2008

pink saturday!

So I slept in this morning after a lonnnnnnnng day at the zoo yesterday with our playgroup (which was so much fun, by the way!)... but I overslept and woke up remembering I had no Pink Saturday post! Ah! So I yelled over to Andrew, "Come downstairs, I have no Pink post!!!" and he is rushing around also, acting like it is the biggest deal in the world. If my 4-year old had a blog, believe me, he would be partipating in Pink Saturday as well. Pink is his favorite color! :)

OK anyways, thanks for visiting my post today and hope you enjoy my "pink"! Say hello, and I will be visiting all you pink ladies today!! I decided to be lazy once again and borrow some gorgeous images from the lovely {this is glamorous} because they are simply amazing. Pink billowing curtains and that amazing pink spiral staircase???? WOW. :) Wishing these two pictures were part of my own home!!! Anyways, thank you Beverly for hosting this Pink Saturday once again... I am on a constant lookout for all things pink lately, so I have a steady supply of pictures on my computer.

Hopefully I will get the zoo pictures up later today, they are so darn cute! We were there all day and had such a great time....! Enjoy your Saturday, everyone!
*And remember to leave me a comment letting me know you would like to participate in our "vacation" which will be on June 26th!!! :)


Beverly said...

Holly, you always make me smile. I am so glad you both had so much fun.

I am in love with that picture of that gorgeous stairway.

See you next Saturday - I hope.

Dawn said...

That spiral staircase is gorgeous!!!! Oh, how I would love a home like that. My grandchildren (2.9 and 3 months) each have their own blogs. Mackenzie posted a pink Saturday post. Maybe Andrew could be inspired LOL!

Glad to read you had fun at the zoo.

Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

Connie said...

Thanks for those gooooorgeous photo of that pink spiral staircase! oooooooooooh, to have that in my home..
Have a fun day and a great vacation, sweetpea and smoochies for little Andrew,

marianne said...

oh my, that stairway is stunning! can you imagine? and the silky, billowy curtain just evokes girly, doesn't it? lovely post. :)

Happy Pink Saturday!


Beautiful pink images!!
Your little one sounds so smart!!!
Have a Pink Day and I would like to sign up for the dream vac too!!!

Vanessa Greenway said...

That cart is so cool!! It reminded me of one my mom used to have... but it was brown. Have a great pink saturday! I'm adding you to my favorites. Hugs, Vanessa

mccaligiuri said...

Beautiful PINK photos!!
(Love your etsy shop too) :)


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hi Holly, Dropping in the see your pink post, ...the staircase is amazing! Thanks for sharing! You have a great blog! ;)


shirl said...

Hello Holly, love the staircase and love the curtains. I'm thinking about your vacation post, sounds like fun!
Blessings, SHirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Mya said...

Wow love the pink pics. I wish they were part of my house, how beautiful. I would love to be part of your Dream vacations. Please add me. I will add a button to my blog right away. Thanks see you on the 21st.

Jean said...

Holly, So glad you want to join Bloomin' Tues. I put the post up at 10 Mon night. You have to sign MR Linky every week. All I ask is that you put a link to the list on your post. There are buttons to add to your blog if you'd like. Click the button on my sidebar. Any questions? E-mail me(address is in my profile) See you Tuesday! Jean

Party of 5 said...

Have a great weekend Holly....can't wait to see the zoo pics!

Donna said...

I love the pink spiral staircase and the curtains. Just what a girl needs! ! !


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