Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Directions

For the past two months, my main job has been to be a mom. Well, that is always my main job, but I haven't had any other work to worry about on top of that. My shop has been put on a temporary pause, aside from a few little things here and there, and it has afforded me to figure out where I want to go with Mommy Holly. I have been brainstorming new ideas and new directions to go in, and it making me so excited.

I want my shop to flourish, to grow, and to be a success, so having a little downtime proved to be easential to how I think about myself as a business owner. Not only do I want to do this job for myself, but I want to contribute to my family, yet still be able to be the mom who shows up to school each afternoon to walk my son home. I want to be a presence in my boys' daily lives and running a successful online shop allows me to do that.

Success is key. I have realized that in order to achieve that success, I have to be organized, prepare ahead of time, make lists, keep my space tidy, and ultimately, keep it all together. Can I do that? Time will tell. I am so motivated to make it work. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this momma can make big things happen. :)

SO... Here's to the re-opening of Mommy Holly, which will be happening very soon. I've got some fun blog posts planned and some new items that will hopefully make you want to shop, shop, shop. :)

In the meantime, be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest. Links are to the left. :) Lots of updates in the near future, and there will be a giveaway tomorrow!! Stay tuned. :) xo!

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