Wednesday, April 6, 2011

making music!

I have been collecting vintage music sheets and music books for quite some time. I keep meaning to start in on them to cut out a whole line of my cutouts that are "music themed"! :) Finally, finally do I get around to it!
z 1011
The music birds are the first to hit the store here!
If you would like any of my cutouts done in music sheet paper, convo me to let me know and I would be happy to make them for you. :) I think the large and small heart cutouts would be amazing in music sheets- perfect for a wedding with a couple who loves music!!

Mommy Holly has been quite busy lately as well...
lots of new things are in the works for the shop.
z 973
I have had a ton of custom orders for bright yellow flower cutouts- and how long has it taken me to actually list these little guys on their own?! :) Find them here!

z 1050
I also have been swamped with custom orders lately, which I adore. I simply LOVE the way these jumbo heart tags turned out for an upcoming wedding. Remember to contact me if you need anything specific made and I would be more than happy to create something custom for you. :)

Happy Wednesday, xo!

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