Friday, April 15, 2011

busy = unorganized.

When I get busy,
things tend to get

disorganized in my life.

Case in point:
My office & studio...
z 715
Clutter, clutter, clutter.
Paper is shoved into my shelves,
my drawers won't stay closed,
and the orders are piling up.

z 645
This room needs a major re-haul very soon.
Spring cleaning is high on my list.
{My pending orders are on the to-do list first, of course.}
I need to play catch up and brighten my workspace though. I am thinking of making some cute wall art that will inspire me each day when I walk into my office, and I will share those ideas with you very soon. Cute things are in the works, for sure.

And speaking of cute things, could these butterflies get any cuter???
a 050
The "mellow yellow" color is available in the shop here!

a 045
And the "girlie pastels" have been listed for sale as well!

SO happy and spring-y, wouldn't you agree? :)
As always, convo me if you need more than one pack or different color schemes and I'd be happy to make some custom items for you.

Happy Friday, friends!


Tasha from Creation Corner said...

I seriously hear ya on this one!

Gabriela Delworth said...


Why don't you make yourself a moodboard? You can even change it through the seasons. Did you see mine?

~ Gabriela ~

The BabbyMama said...

Okay, it's when I see stuff like this that I really really miss having a home office. I've been working from the kitchen table for forever now. And while I can do what I can to make my kitchen cute, it is just not the same as inspiring stuff on the walls of an office.

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