Friday, April 22, 2011

in search of ideas.

Yesterday, I shared with you some of my favorite photographs having to do with vintage carnivals. There was a method to the madness, and I'll tell you why.

In 26 days,

my baby boy turns 7!!!

{and yes, we are counting!}

That sounds SO much older than six, let me tell you.


But after many discussions with Andrew, the theme of his birthday party has been decided...

Andrew's Carnival!!

So now I am reaching out to all of you creative people who are surely full of fantastic ideas for me to incorporate into this backyard carnival of fun! We want to make it old fashioned and fun, with vintage games and silly prizes, popcorn and hot dogs, the boys wearing funky top hats and tossing ping pong balls into bowls of goldfish. {Yes, for real, there will be goldfish.}

So, I need your help!!

Ideas? Fun games to create? Decor items?

Let me have it, friends. Comment away!

I am in planning mode and need all the help I can get!

And PS.

Is this THE cutest cake in the world?!

Too bad we aren't having the theme be "superheroes"!

Or maybe it's a good thing....?

It will save me a bundle not having this cake made for my son. :)

Now I am off to throw a snazzy Easter party in Andrew's classroom...

I hope you all enjoy a fantastic Friday

& wonderful start to your holiday weekend!



Katie@a mom, a wife, and a me said...

Lucky you I have begged all my kids for a carnival party... we are stuck with ben 10 in in 23 day for #7... how about a ballon part toss, put little candies in the ballons and you can put the ballons together to make a picture.. maybe his initials! I cant wait to see pictures!

Katie@a mom, a wife, and a me said...

Sorry I meant balloon DART toss.. apperently my smart phone isnt as smart as it thinks it is...

Cat said...

Not sure if they still have the stuff, but this fall at HObby Lobby, they had inexpensive kits of little carnival games. Bean bag toss and cute homemade bean bags for the party bags is one idea I have come across before.

Senorita Verde said...

Oooh, vintage carnival, makes me think of coney island, NY :) And You have to have a cotton candy machine! And it also makes me think of a game made out of wood...skeeter ball or some type of bowling game!! Sounds sooo fun!!

Grace said... they have the cutest Carnival theme cheap items. They even have games. Grace

Ms. Fallon said...

A super fun idea would be to have one of those old school cardboard pieces with the people drawn on them and the spots for childrens heads!! You could take pictures and use them in your thank you cards!!!

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