Tuesday, November 9, 2010

only days away.

The time is finally here.
And if you live in my house,
you would most definitely know it. :)
We are busy, busy, busy with
Queen Bee Market prep!!

I am so excited to share with you the newest items to my shop, but am trying to keep my {secret telling} mouth shut so that the items can be a complete surprise at the market! Let me just say, I am oh-so-happy with the way things are turning out.

Are you going to be visiting me
at the Queen Bee Market?!
I hope so! :)

You have two days to shop this time around as well...
Friday, November 12th from 4pm to 9pm
Saturday, November 13th from 9am to 4pm

Let me know if you are planning on stopping in!
I will be out and about and around my booth quite a lot,
so I hope to meet lots of you. Come say hello! :)

And if you are not coming to the Queen Bee, {tear!}
new items will be posted in my shop on Monday.
Very exciting stuff, let me tell you. :)

OK, it's back to work for me and happy week, friends!

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