Wednesday, November 24, 2010

christmas cards...!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
That means that this weekend kicks off the holiday season!
{Can it really be this time of year already?!}
I am in serious need of figuring out my Christmas cards for the upcoming season as well, so maybe you all could weigh in and help. :)

Shutterfly is amazing.
And yes, I know I run a shop full of handmade and super-unique greeting cards and I could whip some up for myself as well... but, that's not how I usually work. I like a photo Christmas card. {Am I being disloyal to my Etsy shop right now???!!} :) And when figuring out a holiday photo card, I turn to Shutterfly! I adore Shutterfly. I love the photo books and have used them for myself and my own photo storage, as well as for teacher gifts! SO cute.

But now I need help in the Christmas card department....
these are my faves so far. :)

1. bright colored lights christmas card
SO unbelievably cute. This card is one of my favorites- it evokes so much happiness and spirit!

2. holly and jolly christmas card
I love sharing more than one photo, and this is the perfect card to create those photo memories! :)

3. sweet and retro christmas card
The soft green makes this card so adorable. I love the swirly font and the retro feel of it is so super cute!

4. bright and merry christmas card
LOVE the colors. It is classic, but still young and modern.

5. merry zigzag christmas card
I adore this one. It definitely tops my list at the moment. I love the colors and the zig-zag provides a cute and whimsical touch!

6. berry merry photo christmas card
ADORE this. Maybe it is the addition of the "holly" berries that I like??? :)

Picnik collage
And of course, these holiday themed address labels are too cute as well.
I think I may have to snag a few of these, too.
On the top is the gift address label.
And on the bottom is goodwill to all label.
So perfect to add on to the holiday cards!

So help me out, friends.
Which is your favorite card??
I am having a hard time deciding on which one Andrew and I will be sending out!

If you are a blogger, go visit here to get 50 free cards from Shutterfly.
Amazing deal, right?
Happy Wednesday,
and a very happy Thanksgiving weekend to you all!

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Meadowlark said...

Card #1. But I'm probably not a good person to listen to, as THIS is the interior of my card ;)

LOVE SHUTTERFLY!!!! But already ordered my cards! Everybody else, go get your cards NOW!

le@thirdontheright said...

number four for me - so sweet and a great sentiment :) have fun choosing :)le

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