Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The blog in which I go on and on about Halloween. :)

Where have I been???
Yeah. I've been really busy.
As in, really, really, really busy.
Halloween took over my life for over a week and I needed a break. :)
But now I'm ready to share what I've been up to with all of you!

z 352
Up first was Andrew's Halloween party at our house.
I decorated and baked and set up lots of crafts for them.
It was extra fun! :)

z 354
They were so appreciative and all had such a good time. :)

z 363
I adore this 99-cent store find. Glittered black skeleton? Awesome. :)

z 368
The kids made lots of crafts and were able to play and eat and play some more. Happiness to the six-year olds, for sure! :)

z 389
Then came Halloween.
We had so much fun carving pumpkins.
Andrew just couldn't figure out why the age limit was 12 on the carving tools, since he is such an expert. :)

z 415
And of course, the highlight of Halloween? Costumes!!
{Forgive the slightly blurry photo- we were much too excited for trick or treating to sit still for many pictures!}

z 414
Andrew was a "dragon-slayer"/"knight"/"ogre"!
Yes, we got a lot of odd comments asking "What are you?!"
I made the costume, and Andrew was so happy, so that's all that matters. :)

We had lots of festive fun.
And now I am so tired of Halloween.
And tired in general.
And I need to get ready for this.
So if you don't hear much from me, consider yourself warned! :)
Happy week, friends!


Paige said...

The decor for Andrew's party is fabulous! I would be very proud of my 99 cent skeleton as well, to cute! haha. We had a lot of odd comments about Charli's costume as well! But good for you for making it, and him loving it makes it even more special!

elsiee said...

you deserve every second of your "tired" that party looked FABulous!

Thompson Tales said...

Love the decor and food for the party!! What a great mommy you are!! Don't blame you for being tired after the festivities!!

Fleur de Bee said...

DARLING!!! Have not posted to your blog in a while...sorry! Been busy and I get sidetracked a lot with school. You remember right? lol! Andrew is such a cutie pie! I am always impressed with how beautiful and creative you make everything! Bravo! xoxo Molly

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