Friday, October 9, 2009

p.s. a very good cause!

Yes, I swear I am going to Knott's Berry Farm today, but I had time this morning to finish listing everything in my shop and I wanted to share with you all about a very worthy cause I am trying to help, in any small way.
I received an email yesterday from Hullabaloo, a local kid's band and a favorite of both Andrew and I. They are trying to organize a benefit concert to help out this sweet little girl, Emma. She was at daycare a few weeks back and suffered a tremendous brain injury, and has since had to endure a whole lot of surgery and treatment that no little child should ever have to go through. You can read about her and her family here.

Maybe it is because it is a local issue here in San Diego, or just that fact that I am a mother, but I wanted to do my part in helping, in my own small way. I think it is important to do what you can in order to help someone else, even in tough economic times. So I listed some super cute items in my shop that will benefit little Emma's cause.
Shop here, and know that you are helping out a family in need. :)

The items listed as "BABY EMMA" are all contributing to this cause, and I want to thank anyone in advance for helping out!! :)

Now go kiss your kids and thank goodness that they are healthy. You never know what will be tossed at you at any day, so we should cherish everything we have in this moment.
Happy weekend, xo!

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