Monday, October 19, 2009

continued support.

I am sure many of you read my blog a while back about helping out the Baby Emma Crew fund. This little 14-month old girl has suffered a very traumatic brain injury about a month ago and has had to undergo many surgeries and treatments since. She has lost the functioning on the right side of her body, even her speech, yet she is still fighting strong.
It is times like these that we all need to figure out a way to help, no matter how small. I have some very cute items in my shop listed for this fund, such as the "hoot owl tags" above, and would love for you to take a peek. I just made my first donation this morning and immediately felt lighter, like I was helping to lift this terrible burden off of Emma's parents by just the smallest amount. Take a peek, and do what you can to help. Every dollar means that these worried parents can rest a bit easier by their daughter's side!
Thank you, friends!! xo!

1 comment:

Polka Dot Moon said...

what a heart breaking story! so nice of you to help this cause!!!

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